Author Topic: Just about out of Atlantic hurricane names!  (Read 248 times)


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Just about out of Atlantic hurricane names!
« on: September 14, 2020, 10:53:10 pm »
Dear WeatherCat climate watchers,

This morning I noticed that we had a new Atlantic tropical storm: Vicki.  The gears in my head whirred around a bit and surmised that their couldn't be that many more names left in the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season list.  Sure enough folks have noticed and here is the CNN description of the situation:

 ;) . . . . Alas, for those of us who are utterly sick and tired of how crazy the world has become, there are no guarantees of the Second Coming before we run out of names and hurricane names become Greek to all of us .  . . .    lol(1)

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]