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With the acquisition of DarkSky by Apple and the shutoff of new DarkSky API keys on 31-Mar-2020, I've decided to replace the DarkSky forecast with Aerisweather forecast for the Base-World template set.

If you have an existing DarkSky API key, you don't need to switch yet as your existing key will work until they shut it off at the end of 2021.   For new Saratoga World users, your forecast choices are now WU/TWC (WC-forecast.php) or Aerisweather.  For free API keys, you must be submitting weather data to (WU/TWC) or (Aerisweather) to acquire API access keys.

I'll continue to distribute the DS-forecast.php and maintain it for existing users until the API is shut off.

Download AW-forecast from script page  or GitHub

Saratoga Template users: use the update tool with query 11-Apr-2020, Base-World, Plugin-*

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