Author Topic: Davis Vantage Vue - rainfall accumulation error - puzzled, please help!  (Read 690 times)


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Hi all,

been using a Davis Vantage Vue, with datalink logger and WeatherCat since 2017, and all has been fine.

I'm a hydrologist by trade, so the rainfall record is the most important record to me.
Because of this, once per month, I always open the "NOAA style reports" and quickly check that the current MONTHLY figure on the Davis Console, and in WeatherCat give the same result. They generally do, and I rarely have to check and edit the figures manually.

Today, after a very dry April in the UK, I checked the monthly figures and was staggered to see the console reading 76.4mm.

WeatherCat shows 20.2mm which is the correct accumulation.

The strange thing is, if I look at the last 25 days of recorded rainfall in the Davis console, they exactly match those in WeatherCat, and do indeed total 20.2mm.

I then checked the previous months, and I have the following weird error. On the console March and April seem to have been accumulated to create the erroneous total of 76.4mm, and all other months are showing the previous month's totals! So the Davis console is now one month out of date, right back through the record. Example below.

Year     Month     weathercat     Davis
2019    Apr         20.2              76.4
           Mar         56.2              26.8
           Feb         26.8              25.4
           Jan         25.4              92.2
2018    Dec        92.2              61.4
           Nov        61.4              59.0
           Oct         59.0              and so on...

So March/April seem to have accumulated, and every previous month's total, now shows one month earlier.

Note - As I check the Davis and WeatherCat records at least once per month, I know that these readings have previously shown for the correct months.

How has the record in the Vantage console become shifted?
And how can the Vantage console show 76.4mm in April, when ITS OWN daily graph of the past 25 days only add up to (the correct) 20.2mm?

I'me very puzzled, and mildly irritated that my record is out of sync. Please Help!




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I don't know how your console got out of sync in the first place, but you can manually sync it up going forward. In your Vue Console Manual, take a look at Setting Weather Variables. This explains how to manually enter the Monthly and then the Yearly Rain on the Console. If you do this today, you would simply enter the Monthly Rain as it appears in WeatherCat and save that entry, then do the same for Yearly. This will not affect any past data in your console, but will sync your MTD and YTD rain on the Console with what what is in WeatherCat, going forward. Hope this helps.