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About the WeatherCatRCP Beta
« on: February 03, 2018, 05:55:11 pm »
About the WeatherCatRCP for the iPhone Beta
WeatherCatRCP is a full-featured client of WeatherCat 3 and lets you use all of the Rich Client Protocol (RCP) in a useful, friendly, and novel user interface with 13 screens of detailed weather information from WeatherCat 3. It has been in development and tested by a really great cadre of Beta testers for over 16 months. WeatherCatRCP for the iPhone is a completely separate app from the classic WeatherCat app. They both operate independently and can be used on the same iPhone.

WeatherCatRCP Beta Testing
Apple's TestFlight app is used for notifications and downloads and is required for all Beta testing.
Each Beta release downloaded from TestFlight expires in 60 days after notification.
To become a WeatherCat RCP Beta tester, do the following steps:
1. Send the following information to
- Your first and last name
- Your username on this Forum
- The email address associated with your iPhone
- The model of your iPhone (SE, 5, 6, 6s, 6+, etc.)
2. Download TestFlight from the Apple App Store and install it on your iPhone.
You will receive a notification from TestFlight when the WeatherCatRCP Beta build is available.
The first notification may several days to arrive. Later notifications will occur immediately after each Beta release.
Each release notification will give the Forum Topic to be used for comments on the release. Please use that Topic for your comments of that release.

Apple Watch Users
The WeatherCatRCP Beta does include an Apple Watch app.
It looks and behaves like the Apple Watch app that comes with classic WeatherCat, but it is a completely separate Apple Watch app.
Be sure not to confuse the apps on your Apple Watch and iPhone. WeatherCatRCP has "RCP" on its icon.

WeatherCatRCP has the original English, French, Italian, and German localization that was in the classic WeatherCat, but is not yet localized for the new RCP features (of which there are many.)

WeatherCatRCP will be a separate and independent app. It is not an update to the classic WeatherCat.
Both apps will be available in the Apple App Store.
WeatherCat Classic, the app that's currently in the Apple App Store, will work with WeatherCat 2 and WeatherCat 3, but will not have any of the extra capabilities provided by the Rich Client Protocol (RCP)..
WeatherCatRCP works with WeatherCat 3 and includes all the extra capabilities provided by the Rich Client Protocol (RCP).

WeatherCatRCP Setup
The first time you open WeatherCatRCP on your iPhone, it will attempt to connect with the WeatherCat 3 server on your local network. This may take up to a minute. Subsequent connections will be much faster. The default opening screen is the Settings screen. Once you have configured your settings and servers, you can move Settings off of the Tab Bar and replace it with another Tab. To do this, tap More on the Tab Bar and then Edit on the More list. Drag one of the icons down to Settings on the Tab Bar. The new icon will replace the Settings icon and the Settings icon will move up to the icon display. Tap Done. Settings can now be accessed via the More tab and list. By this time you have probably realized that you can configure any or all of the Tabs on the Tab Bar.


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Re: About the WeatherCatRCP Beta
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 06:02:06 pm »

Thank you for this significant improvement to the iOS app. It's loaded with new features and represents a major upgrade in the functionality of WeatherCat 3 on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Great work, mate! I'm running the Beta on my iPhone 8+ and an Apple Watch Series 2. So far, so good!


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Game changer! (Re: About the WeatherCatRCP Beta)
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2018, 10:35:04 pm »
Dear Grand, Blick, and WeatherCat iOS users,

Thanks Grand for making this completely new iOS program available to us! 

I agree with Blick that this is an amazing program and a real game-changer for those who want to access your weather data from WeatherCat on your iOS device.  With a little effort you can create custom reports and displays.  For example, I have a report that allows me to keep track of how effectively I can cool the house with outside air.  I have another report with the relevant parameters of a storm that in progress.  Until now, you could only access general weather data on your iOS device.  Now you can customize what is displayed to fit the weather conditions you are facing and how you use your weather data.  It makes your iOS device much more useful as far as responding to the weather as it happens.

So by all means give it a try!

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]