Author Topic: Recommendations for 1080P Pan/Tilt Camera that can capture JPEG Images by URL  (Read 794 times)


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I have a FOSCAM camera that I use capture a image of the view at my cabin in WV that I then post on my Weather Station page.  The camera is old and I am looking for a 1080p camera that can pan/tilt and most importantly capture an image through a web address.  It seems that many of the new cameras stream to their app (in my case on an iPhone) but not to a URL.  I have been unhappy with quality of my pictures from the Foscam and now they have rebranded as Amcrest they have no customer support to answer questions. Any one have ant suggestion for HiDef camera I might use for this purpose?




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If you want great (American-based) support, I recommend Sharx, but I don't know if they have a camera that does what you want and their site is under construction right now. Here's a demo of their SCNC 3924 camera, just click the "Enter" button to stream the video. They have wireless models, but I thunk PoE might be better for supplying power for pan/tilt motors.

I bought directly from them, but other sites offer their cameras. Hope that helps.


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Several of us use Sharx cameras. I have five 3906 and 3924 outdoor wireless IP cameras. Yes, you can send images and video to a server or to local storage. And a lot more. Here's one of mine set to send a JPG image via FTP to my server every five minutes.

As noted, customer service is superb. One of the best in any business I've ever encountered. They are still supporting replacement parts on one of my cameras that is three years out of warranty at no cost. (IR Light ring)

They have a new Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera available, although it is not on the web site yet. Write to them at to find details and cost. It was in the $800 range, though.

"The HTNC series PoE cameras with motorized zoom and are also available
already and we offer a $100 introductory discount and $100 discount for
existing customers, so the dome camera with 3 x zoom is $299.95 and the
bullet style camera with 10 x zoom is $349.95 after discounts. The
pan/tilt/zoom with 20 x optical zoom is $799.95 after discounts. All these
HTNC series cameras have 60 fps performance and lots of professional grade
features including wide dynamic range, backlight control, video analytics,
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Ditto what Steve said. I tried inexpensive generic Chinese cameras but when I switched to Sharx, their stuff just works. Like Steve, I contacted them on an out of warranty camera and they they were still wiling to help me get it back up and running.