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Re: Steel Gauges
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yes Mark they are  great I have them listed on my weather page just not the latest version

Randall, you are running version 2.5.18, which is so old school, whilst I am running 2.7.1, with benefits of many cutting edge improvements, such as:
  • The gauges scale more accurately
  • The Wind Rose gauge now has a label on the odometer so you can tell you are looking at miles (of wind run)
  • The Solar gauge now has a sector to record 'sun is shining'
  • The js files are now more http/https friendly
  • The gauges now support JQuery version to 3.2.1 in place of the obsolete 1.11
  • The Internai Temperature gauge now displays min and max temperatures and time they occurred
  • It is now much simpler to change the Indoor Temperature or Humidity gauge to display the data from an additional temp/hum sensor
  • The gauges are newer and shinier so your wife will more easily appreciate all the time you spend updating them
Update your files, brother; you'll be glad you did.


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Re: Steel Gauges
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Update your files, brother; you'll be glad you did.

Signed!  :D