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Usefulness of
« on: January 07, 2021, 08:18:33 pm »
Only today did I discover that Console has changed drastically in Catalina. I only upgraded to Catalina a couple of months ago, but in all the time it's been around, I had never heard anything about this change in the app. I've included a couple of images of the app's sidebar in Mojave and Catalina. I would appreciate some one using Big Sur to post one in that OS.

There are many complaints on the web from Dev's who now find Console completely useful. But not many of us here fit that description. However, many posts here suggest using that app to help find problems that WC probably reported in a log file. Perhaps because there are so many thread running in WC and so many tasks being performed, its likely that our favorite weather reporting app uses log file much more than any other app we use.

Many of the links below may explain why Apple changed things. Some suggest that Apple is simply ignoring the app and don't use it internally. Others suggest that Big Sur may have changes in the app that make it better/more useful for consumer users. At least one link links to a GIT page with a way to decipher the logs without using Console.
Hopefully, Stu has already improved WC to use the new "Unified Log" system and it is writing its very helpful logs that can be easily viewed somehow. [computer] Perhaps I'm simply ignorant about how to use the "new" version of Console. [blush] Please provide some links to threads or sites that explain. Until the "old" usefulness of Console return, my mini will be sticking with Mojave. [rolleyes2]