Author Topic: Struggling getting Weatercat (Vantage Vue) to work on Mac Mini 2018 w/Catalina  (Read 3615 times)


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Dear Dave, David, brynhp, and WeatherCat troubleshooters,

Your WeatherUnderground logs show that up though May2 you were uploading at a rate of once every 5 minute. Your last screen shots shows running with Rapid Fire at once per second. I suspect this exceeded the capability for a complete error free data burst. The WU acknowledgment only means that you connected with their server.
Try turning off Rapid Fire and run at, say 1 or 2 minutes, regular rate and see if that works.  🤞

It appears to me that David attempted to reply to this comment and instead accidentally reported the posting to the moderators.  Here is David's comment:

Changed the data feed to 2 minutes (turning off the rapid fire), and again, no luck.....

Unfortunately, I don't have any obvious new suggestions.  Can anyone else offer some troubleshooting advice for connecting to Weather Underground?

I too am having difficulty getting WeatherCat to communicate with my Vantage Vue on an iMac running Catalina. I have installed the latest drivers as suggested.  What is puzzling though is that the Vantage Vue communicates normally with the WeatherDisplay program running on the same computer which makes me think the problem does not lie with the Vantage Vue but with something in Weather Cat.  I wonder if there are any suggestion as to how I might fix this?

Since this is your first posting on the WeatherCat forum, let me be the first to welcome you! 

However, could I ask a favor of you?  Instead of appending your report to this thread, could you instead create a new thread in this topic?

It is difficult to troubleshoot more than one problem in a forum thread.  When you do that, could you please collect and post the logs of WeatherCat starting up as David has done?  That might help us pinpoint the problem.

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]


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Interesting change of situation: My station is now uploading its data to WUnderground. I suspect it may have something to do with a supplementary patch to Catalina (10.15.5) that took place this past week. No clue why this is occuring now, but after a frustrating several weeks, am happy for the reversal of fortune. Thx to everyone for your contributions-  dh


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I love it when a WeatherCatter finds a solution, even if he/she does not understand how. Thanks for letting us know.