Author Topic: WeatherCat version 3.0.4 Now Available  (Read 4409 times)


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Endurance and SpamSieve (Re: WeatherCat version 3.0.4)
« Reply #30 on: May 19, 2019, 11:36:43 pm »
Dear Jenna, Blick, Phillip and WeatherCat sys-admins

I don't know how I missed these postings earlier this month but I did.

WOW! Here is mine for a measly three days running....FWIW.

I think what you are observing Jenna is normal behavior for WeatherCat.  It needs a certain amount of memory to get all processes started.  The concern is how much the memory use grows over time.  Stu has done a good job of keeping WeatherCat from increasing its memory use, but macOS isn't so misery.

Hey Edouard! I see that you are a fellow SpamSiever. I have been using that for years and its accuracy at spam filtering is phenomenal.

I use Spamsieve as well. Works great!

Yes, I'm a very longtime user of SpamSieve.  So much so that I ended up choosing my current email client (Postbox) because I could import my old mail and still use SpamSieve.   My biggest problem with Spam is with the crude filtering tools run by Apple, Yahoo, and so on.  Periodically, I need to log into the web mail interface and rescue all the advertisements that the big companies think are spam and I don't!

Apple - leave my "Original Part's Group" ads alone! 

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]