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Re: Editing weather data
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2019, 03:28:16 am »
I'll check your don't-bother-editing link tomorrow. I've already edited the "P" (Total rain) figures for Sunday. I've not yet edited the "Ph" figures on the day I unclogged the drain. I suspect the numbers in this six minute period are a wee bit high...  [rolleyes2] That is the exact time I 'pulled the plug'. Of course, none of the "P" figures apply to that date, either.  I'm pretty sure even that 1.27 was from drips since midnight. The actual rain fell the day before.
Code: [Select]
21095 t:151535... Ph:  0.00 P: 1.27
21096 t:151536... Ph:664.97 P: 9.91
21097 t:151537... Ph:562.61 P:19.30
21098 t:151538... Ph:487.68 P:25.40
21099 t:151539... Ph:356.87 P:28.70
21100 t:151540... Ph:243.84 P:28.96
21101 t:151541... Ph: 16.51 P:28.96
21102 t:151541... Ph:  0.00 P:28.96