Author Topic: Stuff you'd expect from Davis Instruments and stuff you wouldn't!  (Read 678 times)


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Dear WeatherCat fans of Davis Instruments,

Because it is so hot that going outside is next to impossible, I had a little spare time to cruise around the Davis Instruments website.  They have announced a new weather-related product that honestly you have to ask: "What took them so long?"

It's called EnviroMonitor:

It is a system designed to assist farmers and agribusiness grow things more efficiently by having very precise data on the conditions in their fields.  I'm glad to see Davis moving in this sort of direction.  I don't think they will ever compete very well in the general consumer market.  This is sort of niche that they should thrive in.

However, having some time to kill I looked at their marine products.  I was assuming they sold weather instruments for sailors.  If you thought that as well, take a look at this page:

Davis is selling all sorts of marine hardware and clearly lots of it isn't weather related!

Their other line of products is also very different from weather - vehicle monitoring.  Here is a comparison of their products:

So as you can see, Davis is much more diversified than at least I imagined.  Thanks to their confusing website, I blundered into all this stuff!

So if you have a minute or two to kill, you might amuse yourself learning more about all the things Davis sells!

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]

P.S.  Just one flaw in their vehicle monitoring products - they don't seem make one that is compatible with a 1965 Buick Special wagon!