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Replacement scripts DONE!

I've shamelessly stolen the HAniS animation script set from Jerry Wilkins (thanks Jerry!) and with a tip from a Twitter follower, located a new set of Environment Canada radar .gif images that are being updated.

Use the update tool for Base-Canada, Plugin-*, 14-Apr-2021 to get the script set.

Note:  you'll need to do changes to index.php (but an updated wxindex.php is included).  Here's the 'README-wxecradar.txt' contents:

This is the README file for wxecradar scripts (Environment Canada Radar display using HAniS).

As of 30-Mar-2021, Environment Canada changed their Radar website to use a map to display radar information, and
stopped publishing radar images as .gif files on their main website.  This rendered the former display script
of ec-radar.php obsolete and non-functional (since the images were no longer available).

Fortunately, the radar .gif images continue to be published on{sitename}/
BUT sadly, they no longer have the detail overlays of towns, highways, rivers on the new maps. So, the new .gif
radar images are a bit sparse but do otherwise display the 14-color versions of the original .gif images.

  wxradar.php       (the linked-to script from the menu for radar display in Base-Canada template)
  wxecradar-inc.php (provides selection capability and <iframe> for HAniS display)
  wxecradar-iframe.php (provides contents to display in the <iframe>)
  wxecradar-list-inc.php  (list of current radar stations for display)
  hanis_min.js      (the HAniS script)
  wxindex.php       (updated to use wxecradar-iframe.php to display a radar image set)

All the files should be in the same directory (normally, the document root of the website).

If manually converting from an older wxindex.php to the new one, just replace:

         // fetch fresh national radar image if needed .. you can chang it to
         // 'NAT' = National radar view
         // 'PAC' = Pacific region
         // 'WRN' = Praries region
         // 'ONT' = Ontario
         // 'QUE' = Quebec
         // 'ERN' = Atlantic region
           $_REQUEST['site'] = 'NAT'; // one of the sites above, or your radar designator
           $doPrint = false;
         <img src="<?php echo $radarDir . 'radar-' . $_REQUEST['site'] . '-0.png'; ?>"
         alt="Radar, courtesy of Environment Canada"
         title="Radar, courtesy of Environment Canada" />


         // fetch national radar image if needed
         // 'PYR' = Pacific region
         // 'PNR' = Praries region
         // 'ONT' = Ontario
         // 'QUE' = Quebec
         // 'ATL' = Atlantic region
         // or use the local radar site code like WKR or CASET .. see wxecradar-list-inc.php for codes

           $radarLoc = 'ONT';
         //  $radarLoc = $SITE['ecradar']; // use Settings.php entry   
            $radar='RAIN'; // ='RAIN' or ='SNOW';
<iframe name="wxradarshanis" width="617" height="<?php echo (in_array($radarLoc,array('PYR','PNR','ONT','QUE','ATL')))?'380':'555';?>" src="./wxecradar-iframe.php?radar=<?php echo $radar?>&amp;radarLoc=<?php echo $radarLoc?>&amp;lang=<?php echo $SITE['lang']; ?>" scrolling="no" style="border:none"></iframe>

Your Settings.php entry of:

  $SITE['ecradar'] = 'WKR';

will determine the selected site in wxradar.php display


See the running version at Saratoga Base-Canada Demo.
In addition to Edouard's excellent and helpful reply, I have a few things to add.

First, in a recent, disturbing (to me) conversation I had with Davis tech support, they told me they do not currently have a product that interfaces between their weather stations and a Mac. I was asking about my options if my current Davis IP Data Logger goes bad, which appears might be happening. Davis is developing cloud options that bypass Macs altogether. At this point, in my backyard weather career, that is not good news to me.

Second, Ryan Wilhour, at Scaled Instruments, has recognized the need to replace the Davis IP data logger (Davis part # 6555) with a generic knock-off for those who can't or don't want to use the WifiLogger2. He has commissioned the manufacture of an IP data logger replacement, which is currently in testing. This is very good news for those who can use an ethernet cabled data logger.

For those many, many WeatherCatters who need USB loggers, I have no news, so i hope someone else does, because Davis is moving to interfacing directly to the cloud (not the cumulus could, the other one).
General Weather Discussion / Re: A tree comes down in a WeatherCat webcam video.
« Last post by Blicj11 on April 13, 2021, 11:19:00 pm »
OK, I saw the branches disappear, but what iI really wanted to see was the guy who was whacking away at them.
Dear WeatherCat observers of the season turning,

The days are getting longer and the sun is rising earlier.  It is looking more and more like summer here in Northern California.  This morning I caught this sunrise through the thin marine layer:

Alas, this may be one of the last sunrise photos I take.  While the sun doesn't mind getting up earlier  [cloudsun] - I do!  [bed]

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
Dear David and WeatherCat faithful,

Since this is your first posting to the WeatherCat forum let me be the first to welcome you! 

. . . . .
Do I need to purchase WeatherLink to communicate between WeatherCat and the Vantage Vue OR is WeatherLink just to communicate to the Davis servers?
. . . .
UPDATE - of course, once I'd posted this, I found a page telling me that it does! - sorry for the bandwidth.

I'm glad your searching got you an answer, but for the sake of completeness actually you have some additional choices.  What you need is a piece of hardware called a data logger.  It plugs into the Vantage Vue console and provides a USB connection.  In addition to providing the connection to your computer, it has a storage buffer allowing you to disconnect your computer from your weather station and download the data later on.  Depending on the sample interval this can be a long period.  Here is a table on the WeatherCat Wiki showing your options.

Recently, a number of 3rd party data loggers have come on the market.  It appears that some patents expired and Davis Instruments is no longer attempting to prevent this products from reaching consumers.  One example of these is the WiFiLogger2.  Here is a link to a Internet vendor Scaled Instruments.

As you can read in the description it is a more sophisticated device than the original Davis data logger and it has the advantage of using WiFi so that you don't need to physically connect your computer to your console.  The disadvantage is that doesn't provide the data logger capability.

Unfortunately, there is a further twist in the plot.  Davis has discontinued WeatherLink and it is becoming difficult to get your hands on a genuine Davis Data-logger.  Instead, Davis is selling its own cloud-based solution. 

The simplest thing to do is to buy WeatherLink for Mac if you can still find it.  If not, you might consider either the Windows version or one of the 3rd party data loggers.  You can purchase the new data logger that connects to Davis's own cloud solution, but WeatherCat releases cannot access this data, although there is an early WeatherCat beta that does.

I hope that's some help.  If you have any questions by all means ask.  It has become a much more complex topic than it used to be.

Cheers, Edouard
Sorry, searched for a while for this and can't find answer.
I want to upgrade my WH1080 to a Davis Vantage Vue. WeatherCat v3.12 is working well with WH1080 (when it's USB not playing up) on Catalina.
Do I need to purchase WeatherLink to communicate between WeatherCat and the Vantage Vue OR is WeatherLink just to communicate to the Davis servers?

-- David

UPDATE - of course, once I'd posted this, I found a page telling me that it does! - sorry for the bandwidth.
-- David
WeatherCat Feature Requests / Re: weatherflow Smart Weather
« Last post by SRS on April 12, 2021, 05:07:10 pm »
Any updated news regarding weatherflow and weatherCat working together?
General Weather Discussion / Pop go the branches! (Re: WeatherCat webcam video.)
« Last post by elagache on April 10, 2021, 10:39:51 pm »
Dear WeatherCat observers of one's local environment,

When I posted the video that started this thread back in January, I realized that our Crepe Myrtle tree was really starting to obstruct the view of my WeatherCat webcam.  Finally, yesterday I had some time to remove some of the branches that were in the way.  Of course the WeatherCat webcam had a front row seat to the exercise as can be see in the video:

Okay, so it isn't very exciting, but what do you expect from 15 seconds of weather webcam video? . . . . .  [biggrin]

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
Dear Dale and WeatherCat station caregivers,

Seems like I recall your name on the LWC forum all those years ago!

Thanks!   :)

What's the best bit for the money for a new weather station? I'm guessing a WiFi enabled weather station is the best option at this point?

That's a large question in its own right that probably deserves a new posting probably in this topic:

It really depends what you want out of the station.  You might want to give the latest offerings from Davis Instrruments some bias simply because you are already use to their equipment.  It also might simplify the change.  On the other hand there are many new station designs out there which are more technologically and aesthetically up to date.  This page lists all the weather stations that WeatherCat supports.  That's a reasonable point of departure!

Once more welcome back!   :)

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
Dear X-Air and WeatherCat climate watchers,

NOAA is making their usual 30 year average update in May. But they will also start a new 15 year average that will allow more recent changes to be used by industries.
. . . .

Thanks for sharing.  It is interesting that it could lull people into not taking heat waves as seriously.  Quoting from the article with respect to Phoenix weather:  "We're going to have to remind people, especially this year, 'Hey, if we're at 115, that is 5 degrees above the average. But remember that this average has changed,"

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
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