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This weeks TidBITS discussions mentioned people wanting app windows to always be located at specific screen locations whenever the app opens. There appear to be several apps that will allow that. However, those apps seem to be mainly for locating a particular (main) window for any app. But one reader mentioned using Keyboard Maestro (a macro creating app) to do this locating. I think you might have a solution awaiting your problem. I use a different macro app and don't know if it has this capability, but Keyboard Maestro has always been a highly recommended and quite powerful app. It's not free but it does have a free trial.

Another solution may be a function already installed in the mac OS: Spaces. I've never even used it and don't even know if it's still in Catalina, much less Big Sur. I think it is part of the Mission Control part of the OS, yet another set of functions I don't use. [blush]
WeatherCat General Discussion / Re: Recording all the screen position ??
« Last post by JohnDoe1983 on Yesterday at 01:51:17 pm »
In fact I would like to have a command in the Windows section where it would say: Record all of the screen windows position. (gauges and graphs)

The is is one all ready for 5 gauges positions. It does reposition the gauges but not the graph.

I all ready use your trick to capture the screen and it is a good one but I have to reposition manually every thing else.

It would be nice to have it all ready included in the menu.

WeatherCat General Discussion / Re: Weathercat client under MacOS Big Sur
« Last post by petertuft on Yesterday at 06:36:01 am »
Thanks, that's solved my problem (and thanks for the welcome).
WeatherCat General Discussion / Re: Recording all the screen position ??
« Last post by xairbusdriver on Yesterday at 03:22:58 am »
Try this (assuming you have the windows where you want them):
  • Open Preview
  • In the File Menu, select Take Screenshot->Selection
  • You can now move the new, "cross-hair" cursor anywhere on your screen and see the pixel coordinates at any point (corners of a window, for example)
  • Write down the locations (Top-Left & Bottom-Right are probably enough)

Getting the Mac to actually put the windows there later is a "problem for the reader". It might be possible to edit a plist or two (or 10) to facilitate that. The Dev can probably create a quick and dirty little script for your use. He's not very busy between 1am and 1:12am... cmu:-)

You might just use PS Elements to create a screen sized image with nice lines drawn where you need them and a bit of text in each box labeling which window goes where. Load that image in your HD/System/Library/Desktop Pictures directory and ...
WeatherCat General Discussion / Recording all the screen position ??
« Last post by JohnDoe1983 on Yesterday at 02:33:32 am »
Recording all the screen position ??

Is there a way to record all the windows position not only the graph?

Sometime after a shut down, WX is placing the windows all over the place.

I would like to be able te record the last position of all the window so I could bring them back were they belong.

General Weather Discussion / A tree comes down in a WeatherCat webcam video.
« Last post by elagache on January 24, 2021, 11:28:10 pm »
Dear WeatherCat observers of our local surroundings,

As you might have noticed on some of my anemometer photos, a neighbor has some pine trees that died.  The time has come for these trees to be removed, and as luck would have it, they are in the direct line of sight for my webcam.  I spliced 2 one hour WeatherCat webcam videos and captured the work yesterday afternoon.  It is posted (unlisted) on YouTube:

Sorry for the low resolution video, but you can see enough to see the branches coming off until only a portion of the trunk was left.  That's where the work stopped yesterday. Perhaps there will be more interesting tidbits as the work resumes next week.

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
Weather Hardware/Measurement / Re: Web cam recommended
« Last post by Steve on January 22, 2021, 08:59:30 pm »
Correct, Sharx Security does not offer a wifi camera any more. Only POE. I’m not familiar with other brands, so can’t make a recommendation.
Weather Hardware/Measurement / Re: Web cam recommended
« Last post by xairbusdriver on January 21, 2021, 05:07:52 pm »
I've had a great experience with my Sharx SCNC3924 camera. They gave me a discount as a previous customer when I bought it. Unfortunately, it is not listed in their current products. My first Sharx camera was a PoE version. That may be the only type they now carry (including a couple of "Made in USA" models). Hourly and Daily time-lapse video at:
Weather Hardware/Measurement / Web cam recommended
« Last post by Chet on January 21, 2021, 12:42:25 pm »
What wifi web cam do people recommend? I have a vantage Vue wireless.
WeatherCat General Discussion / Re: Silabs Mac OS VCP Driver v6
« Last post by blackwoxs on January 19, 2021, 05:04:38 am »
It would appear to be a problem with Sophos Home.

Having uninstalled Sophos Home, v6 load happily!

Thank you, I can concur - same result. Endless attempts at installation, including the new 6.01 version, all failed.

Removed Sophos Home and loaded without any issues  ThU32:-)
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