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Title: WeatherCat tip: clean out your WeatherCat Custom Web folder.
Post by: elagache on October 10, 2013, 11:15:40 pm
Dear WeatherCat custom web users,

As explained elsewhere on this forum (;topicseen#msg8413), I was finding that WeatherCat was generating test pages for templates I had thought were long discarded.  Particularly baffling was that these templates were last used on WeatherCat's predecessor: LWC.

Well, a little research and I discovered my silly mistake.  I keep all my web templates in a folder presently called:

~/WeatherCat Web Sites/WC Custom Web Templates

I have WeatherCat do all the tag substitution and place the resulting HTML files in a folder called:

~/WeatherCat Web Sites/WC Custom Web

When I removed a template, I would remove it from the first folder.  The trouble is that the resulting HTML file from the last WeatherCat run will still be sitting in the second folder.  When WeatherCat uploads, it is smart enough not to upload files that haven't changed, so all those old files are not costing you any additional upload effort.  However, they do clutter up your hard drive and will make troubleshooting your website that much more difficult.

So, do yourself a favor.  When you delete a template from your templates folder, remember to also delete the resulting HTML file from your custom web folder.  Anybody who has been using WeatherCat for a while might want to take a little time to do some house-keeping on both your hard drive and your web site directories.  You might be quite surprised at how much junk needs to be trashed! (

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]