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Title: About The Observations Forum
Post by: Administrator on May 28, 2012, 09:36:28 pm
We're nosey :) We like to know what the weather is like in your part of the world (as do other people!).

Please use this forum to post weather observations from your station. These can either be regular observations, such as once per day/week/month or observations purely for rare occurrences or extreme weather, or a combination of both.

We would suggest for daily observations you start a new thread per week or month with a title such as 'Observations For XXXXX start-date to end-date' (where XXXXX is your station name/identifier) - that way everybody can see what period the thread covers and keeping your titles consistent makes them easily searchable.

A typical format might be daily high/lows/averages for important variables along with any particular notes/observations covering the period.
For extreme weather, regular updates are appreciated  [tup]

(Daily data is easy to find in WeatherCat - for example to get the data for yesterday, either scroll back in the WeatherCat Daily View window, or enter the date directly into the Daily View - the daily data for that day will be displayed (the same applies for any day in your data-base)).

Photographs are also appreciated (as attachments), especially for extreme/rare events.

if you think you are going to be particularly prolific, we'll give your station it's own sub-forum, just ask.

Finally, this forum is a bit of an experiment - it may flop or it may be genuinely useful - we'll see how it goes!

Thank you,
Your Friendly Admin.