Author Topic: Tornado hits Italian steel mill  (Read 1128 times)


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Tornado hits Italian steel mill
« on: November 29, 2012, 04:08:23 PM »
ROME: A powerful tornado on Wednesday struck a giant steel plant in southern Italy at the centre of a major labour dispute, leaving 20 workers slightly injured and one missing, as storms lashed much of the country.

The missing worker at the ILVA plant in Taranto is believed to have been operating a crane at the port which was swept out to sea by the wind.

"Divers are searching for him," Lino Ursi, a spokesman for Taranto's mayor, told AFP.

A chimneystack was partly destroyed by the strong winds and explosions could be heard inside the closed facility, officials said.

A regional emergency official, Fabiano Amati, said the storm had also struck a nearby school and six children had been lightly injured.

The ILVA plant, which is the biggest steel mill in western Europe, has been shut since Monday because of a long-running dispute over pollution levels.

The company said there had been "heavy structural damage" on the facility.

Tuscany was also affected for the second time in two weeks, with streets flooded in many areas including Florence and the province of Grosseto.

Ferry services were suspended in the Gulf of Naples and rising waters flooded parts of the historic heart of Venice.



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Surprise, surprise (Re: Tornado hits Italian steel mill)
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2012, 12:09:20 AM »
Hi JC and WeatherCat fans,

Certainly surprising weather and quite a fluke.  This is the largest steel plant in Europe and the owner was trying to close the plant.  This provoked the labor dispute.  Now that the plant has been damaged, the case for closing it will be even stronger.

 ;) I guess Mother Nature is anti-union!!  [lol2]

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]