Author Topic: Example of California's Autumn weather yo-yo.  (Read 1255 times)


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Example of California's Autumn weather yo-yo.
« on: October 13, 2012, 05:57:56 PM »
Dear WeatherCat fans,

Last night I noticed on my WeatherCat temperature graph a nice example of how "waves" of alternating high and low pressure cause the weather in California to go from significant extremes.  Here is the graph this morning that includes last night's over-night lows:

At the first of the month we were having a real heat wave that peaked out on the 2nd with a temperature of 97˚ F (36.1˚ C).  Just two days later, the daytime high was only 70˚F (21.1˚ C).  Friday's high was just 57˚ F (13.9˚ C) and today's early morning low dipped under 50˚ to 49.7˚ (9.8˚ C) for the first time this fall.

Still, the forecast is for a high pressure ridge to build back in bringing us temperatures into the mid-80s (29.4˚ C) by the middle of next week. 

We are approaching the end of this sort of weather pattern as the days get shorter still.  However, in Northern California you can get surprisingly warm periods even in November and Southern California can be extremely hot because of winds blowing in from the nearby deserts.

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]