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Not sure if this one's had an outing before (put it on the wiki this week):

(Gotta love the weather stone :) )

[Edit: Also chased down a better URL for the CWOP guide - ]

Howdy Stu and WeatherCat fans,

Thanks Stu  [tup] for the link that had to be out there in web-land, but I had never come across.  Certainly looks like a well-presented overview of the issues in putting up a weather station.

Definitely something that will be useful!

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]

sadly, that link is 404 now


--- Quote ---sadly, that link is 404 now
--- End quote ---
Which "that" are you referring to? I found two of the links dead but they were duplicates. The only other one was an British Met Office link.

The siting guide fromCWOP is in the wiki page Stu provided. works fine as does the Andrew K. Overton pages:
along with the graphics included site from Davis:

Links are not permanent and they depend on sources (usually humans) never rearranging the sites. [rolleyes2] Often using the Site Map (if there is one) will provide guidance to a new page or the new location/path to the old page.

If you want to have data on any page on the interwebs, it's best to copy them into a text/PDF document.


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