Author Topic: EXACT FILE LOCATIONS NEEDED FOR USING OSX10.8 Mountain Lion & Saratoga Templates  (Read 2074 times)


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I have had no success in building a custom webpage using WeatherCat 1.02 and Saratoga's latest Templates.

Frustrated using Mountain Lion OSX 10.8. I have a GoDaddy Hosting Site ready to go.

I believe this is a  directory problem that I do not understand and cannot solve.

I have downloaded  the Base-USA, WCT-plugin and forecast folders and have customized the text of the files as recommended by Saratoga. 

However, I do not understand where the WXTags-template-files and its (1)realtime folder with WCT_realtime.txt and (2)WCTtags.php are supposed to reside iwithin my computer. I have tried multiple locations without any testweb page being generated by WeatherCat.

I have never successfully generated a customized test web page...the simple web page is generated in Microsoft Word by WeatherCat without a problem.

A clear step-by-step recommendation of exactly where to put each downloaded Saratoga files on my Mac will greatly be appreciated so I can upload this great template...I need a tutor!

Thanks for any assistance.


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Sorry for the delay in replying. Snowed under with work.
I'm using the Mountain Lion and Saratoga's scripts, without problem.

I'm assuming your web server does support php?

Place the WCTtags.php file in the folder you have set as your "Set HTML Source" in the "online" > "Custom Web" section of WeatherCat's preferences.

Place the WCT_realtime.txt file anywhere you like, I have place mined in a folder called "Additional files", the main thing to remember is that you must then go to the "Additional Files" section in WCat and include the path to wherever you have placed your WCT_realtime file. I have set mine to upload every 0.5 minutes, I think Saratoga recommended 0.2 minutes update time.

That's it. Wait for the update cycle to finish, the WCTtags.php file will update with the main WC upload, while the realtime file will upload every few seconds.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more help



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I think I have the same question and I have completed everything schwab said and my directories )on my computer) look like wheat Hairy describes...:

So where do all the other template files go??  For example wxindex.php and flyout-menu.xml?  and the other wonderful template files?


Brian Lubbert, CCM