Author Topic: FYI: I'm getting one assertive billy-goat station wagon!!  (Read 53602 times)


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Dear WeatherCat fans of a certain rascally wagon,

I've been trying to update and spruce up the website for Biquette.  I managed to get it tentatively installed Tuesday afternoon.  I thought I had a few more days, but the story broke sooner than I expected.  It is online so everyone can read it for themselves:

I managed to get my revised site installed Tuesday afternoon and have barely gone though it to hunt for typos.  Here is the new site:

Just in case you think I pulled a rabbit out of a hat, you'll notice that it bares more than a passing similarity to this WeatherCat template:

Desperation can lead to some amazing "repurposing" of things!  [biggrin]

I sure would appreciate if folks could look around and see if there are more typos that need to be squashed before too many more visitors find the website.

I confess, the HTML is atrocious and obsolete.  However see comment about desperation above.  I have one problem perhaps somebody can figure out.  On the history section I cannot manage to get the text further away from the edge of the table.  I tried the obvious thing increasing the value of cellpadding - no dice.  I also tried the brute force method of creating another invisible table to force the text inside - that didn't work either.  Can anybody spot the issue?

Thanks for your support!  [tup]

Cheers, Edouard   [cheers1]

P.S.  For bonus points can anybody figure out what is the background image behind the titles above the navigation buttons?  ;D


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Re: FYI: I'm getting one assertive billy-goat station wagon!!
« Reply #256 on: August 01, 2019, 12:24:21 AM »
First, I think the background image is a '65 Chevrolet "wagon". I may be off on the year, however. Hard to tell the color, but I think it's some version of a light green.

As for styling tables, that's still a sometimes difficult task. Of course, the MS generated CSS doesn't make things any easier. My only suggestion on moving the text farther from the cell edges is "padding: 10px;" on any <td> as appropriate. W3C claims that should work at least in html5. You can get htnl5 simply by removing everything from the DOCTYPE line after "html". [runoff] If you tried to validate the page, of course, you'd probably get hundreds of errors and warnings...

Since there are already quite a number of "classes" in the html, why not actually create some declarations in a the <style type="text/css"> ... </style> section of the <head>? Just look through some of any page and you can see a lot of mentions of things like <p class="p1">, <p class="p2">, <p class="p3">, etc. just for paragraphs. There are similar undeclared/undefined classes for div's, td's, etc. In particular, if there actually is a class for a td somewhere, that could be why you are not able to affect the cell spacing. [computer] [banghead]