Author Topic: Thinkin’ ‘bout visiting a local bakery to celebrate pi day!  (Read 41 times)


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And the early arrival of Spring! High today was 74.4F! [rolleyes2] :o

Nice sale at Take Control booksThU32:-)


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Dear X-Air and WeatherCat fans of π

Nice sale at Take Control booksThU32:-)

I don't get it?  Don't ya' mean pies like this?

I never thought I would see a supermarket ad based on a mathematical symbol . . . .  [rolleyes2]

And the early arrival of Spring! High today was 74.4F! [rolleyes2] :o

That's cheatin'! Spring isn't officially here for 6 days!

Actually, there is one more disagreeable event associated with PI day.  My alma mater U.C. Berkeley is having a major fund raiser directed at the alumni.  So what did my esteemed institution choose as a slogan to go along with my intellectually sophisticated Ph.D.?   They couldn't of anything more uplifting than "The Big Give"  [rolleyes2]

So why is the supposedly #1 public university in the world forced to stoop to a slogan that hardly seem mature enough for even middle school children?

Needless to say, neither my wallet or I were fooled by this silly business.

Oh well, . . . . . Edouard