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What Do You Want To See In A Mac Weather Program?

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Hello folks,
Please use this forum to tell us what features and things you'd like to be able to do with WeatherCat in the future.

Please start a new thread for each request.

Many thanks!

iDevice integration such as the client on iPhone. Remote access to preferences such as changing internet prefs.

Bull Winkus:
On the Custom Graph:

1> The ability to tie two scales together, such as when tracking two temperatures, two humidities, etc...
2> In a scrolling graph, the ability to make one of the 3 series track 24 hours old, or track same date last year or just be able to track on an overlay of that period chart.
3> Mouse over live area of chart and on mouse down, display series value & time stamp at mouse position horizontal axis, perhaps with a vertical line as reference.
4> Option of a calculated display series, such as outside temp - inside temp = Temp diff as graph.

A separate box for putting custom tags in so I can see max temp, min temp and other things. Perhaps I am odd (actually I know I am odd), but it would make life a little easier for recording the data into my weather data base which I do, sorry, manually. There, I said it, I admit to having manual instruments too!.

Best wishes


I am a very new user of WeatherCat and took time to discover many possibilities of this "super" software.
So it's possible my wish hereunder already exists in WeatherCat, if so please forget it...
As I use WeatherCat with a VP2 station I would appreciate to receive the "Hi Temp" and "Low Temp" in addition to "Temp Out".
This is because sometimes (often ?) minimum and/or max values are reached between two saved data.
As "Hi Temp" and "Low Temp" are data provided by VP2 it would be great to have them "readable" with WeatherCat.
Do you think this could be done ?
Thanks in advance.


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