Author Topic: Advice for upgrading from a early-2010 MacBook Pro ?  (Read 313 times)


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Can't come fast enough! (Re: Upgrading from a early-2010 MacBook Pro ?)
« Reply #15 on: February 09, 2019, 10:35:33 PM »
Dear Stu and WeatherCat fans of powerful hardware,

Looks like it's quite a beast you've bought  [tup]

It should be quite a powerhouse, but Apple sure didn't help me as far as getting delivered swiftly even if I paid for expedited shipping.  The configuration I wanted wasn't particularly exotic.  Why doesn't Apple have a few of the more popular configurations in some warehouse in the United States? 

I got the shipment notice from Apple Thursday.  It shipped from Lantau Island Hong Kong!  It is already at a local airport but isn't scheduled to be delivered until Tuesday. 

Alas, my venerable MacBook gave up the ghost this week.  The last Time Machine backup I have is from a week ago Saturday and my data logger only has 8 days and 21 hours of data.  So to avoid any data loss I would really need the new computer on Monday.  For the amount of money this computer is costing me, I think Apple could come up with a much faster way to deliver this item.  As you've already noted Stu, Apple isn't what it once was.

Oh well, . . . . . Edouard