Author Topic: Monthly reports for the Northern California 2018-19 rainy season.  (Read 34 times)


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Dear WeatherCat drought watchers,

Continuing the annual tradition, here is the first report from Canebas Weather Station regarding the Northern California rainy season.  October only brought 0.02" of rain, so it wasn't worth reporting.  However, November was a different story.  We received 5.41" of rain (137mm).  That was basically sufficient to catch us up for the entire rain season thus far.  This can be easily seen on the graph:

Of course lots of a rain in a very short period of time doesn't have the same effect as gentle rains over a longer period of time.  However, in the drought-parched West, we'll take any rain we can get!

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]