Author Topic: Monthly reports for the Northern California 2019-20 rainy season.  (Read 32 times)


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Dear WeatherCat drought watchers,

Continuing the annual tradition, here is the first report from Canebas Weather Station regarding the Northern California rainy season.  This year has not gotten off to a very good start.  After a bit of rain in September, we had no rain at all in October and no rain until the last week of November.  As a result, we are already well behind which is different than the previous two years:

We only got about 31% of a normal November and that leaves us with only 24% of a normal rainfall for the wet season thus far.  The weather pattern has changed dramatically and we are experiencing our first atmospheric river event of the year.  Only time will tell if enough rain will fall to wipe out the present shortfall.

Oh well, Edouard 

P.S. I'll do the monthly climate predictions tomorrow.  I'm still struggling to catch up after all the Thanksgiving and weather-related chores.