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Mojave?? Remember!! You are askin' for it!

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Dear WeatherCat followers of da' cult of Apple,

It is official, macOS Mojave is going to "hit the Internet" this coming Monday.  This should raise two somewhat independent issues for the WeatherCat community:

* When to upgrade to Mojave on any Mac you own?
* When to upgrade to Mojave on the Mac that runs your WeatherCat installation?
As a general rule, upgrading operating systems is easier on newer hardware and on systems with fewer and newer applications.  Potential problems increase for older Macs and for Macs with many applications - especially older ones.  So that's one way to look over the problem.

In the past, Stu has recommended against installing a new version of macOS until at least the first round of bug fixes.  Stu is extremely busy these days so should WeatherCat have issues with Mojave, he might not be able to fix it as fast as in the past.

In the end it is your decision and your decision alone.  However, when it comes to upgrading your Mac that runs WeatherCat basically you need to decide if reliability is more important than being up-to-date.  Many of us take great pride in uploading data to various sources and keeping our websites on line.  You need to decide how much you want to risk that by upgrading to Mojave.

As is true for any operating system upgrade make sure you have confirmed that your system is healthy.  Make sure your backups are valid, and at the very least, run Disk First Aid on all your disk drives before upgrading.

Every time Apple updates macOS we have a few people come to the forum with various sad stories about how their WeatherCat installation no longer works.    :(

;) . . . This time beware!  You have been forewarned! . . .

Cheers, Edouard    [cheers1]

P.S. Believe it or not, I just went through the operating system grind and finally am running High Sierra.  My thinking was that this was the last easy opportunity to do this and I didn't want to fall more than one version behind the current version of macOS.  So far my system is mostly weathering the change except that my WC AppleScript Tags Processor is reporting a very mysterious missing file error.  Adding to the mystery is that file is exactly where is it supposed to be.  These are the sorts of surprises to expect on any OS upgrade.

Iím always surprised at people who think itís kewl to be the first ont the block to install Ďupdatesí! [rolleyes2] Seems like the digital equivalence of Russian Roulette! Iím so paranoid, I still compress most of my important apps before updating them! Unzipping is still faster than Time Machine! [tup] cmu:-)

I plan to install it on my wife's iMac first and see what blows up. She will love me for it.

Alan Rowley:
A word of warning that upgrading applications can also bring problems.

Yesterday I updated Safari to the latest version and now I cannot view my HikVision cameras on my Mac. The new version of Safari is not compatible with the HikVision plug-in.


Mojave (through Safari) will no support extensions that are not Apple-verified. Apple says this is a security measure. Unverified third-party extensions can be dangerous by way of hosting malware or even data extraction tools ó which could give malicious entities access to your passwords and other sensitive information. Therefore, when you update to the latest version of Safari, which is the one that you will need to run in Mojave, you will lose the use of any of your installed extensions that did not come from the Extension Gallery or that were not previously verified by Apple. For example, I was using an extension that blocked auto-playing videos on websites, but it no longer works in the new version of Safari (12.0). Eventually, at some as of yet unspecified future date, Apple likely ditch their whole Extension Gallery and allow only app-related extensions that come from the App Store. Whilst I am not happy about the loss of legitimate extensions, I appreciate Apple taking my data security and privacy seriously.


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