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NWS - Climate Prediction Center forecasts - Summer 2018


Dear WeatherCat climate watchers,

Summer is here and here is the first 1 month and 3 month forecasts from the National Weather Service - Climate Predication Center for the start of Summer.  Here is the one month forecasts of departures from normal temperatures for July:

This sure seems like a broken record to me, but there it is for what it is worth.

Here is the equivalent 3 months predictions of temperatures departures from normal for July through September:

What can I say but ditto. 

Here are the precipitation predictions of departures from normal for July:

This is more interesting since it suggests a more active hurricane season both in the Eastern Pacific and the Atlantic.

Here is the equivalent graph for July to September:

This graph suggests the overall trend of more active hurricane activity would last through the Summer.  However, there would be below normal rains in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are drought forecasts.  Here is the drought outlook for July:

The monsoonal rains for the Southwest deserts is expected to provide some relief in Arizona.

Here is the equivalent 3 month outlook:

The season outlook suggests that New Mexico would also benefit from the monsoonal rains.  On the other hand drought would persist in many areas including Southeastern Oregon.

As usual, Like it or not, such are the forecasts we are facing . . . . 


Thanks for posting. These forecast usually give me hope, but often, not much else. We have just finished our driest June since we moved here and could sure use some rain.


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