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Welcome to Summer 2018!

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Dear WeatherCat observers of the seasons turning,

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice.  You can look up the exact time it will occur in your location on this handy dandy webpage:

To get us in the mood for summer I set about taking some photographs of the local area that capture summer in Northern California.  The hills have definitely turned brown:

Although this scene is not entirely wild.  Note the two palm trees on the lower right.  California poppies are getting in their last blooms before going dormant:

These are indeed hardy plants!  There are other flowering plants that indeed stress the point of how dry things have become:

As you would expect, the creeks are drying up:

That isn't good news for the creatures that are just getting a start in life:

This little thing will have a drinking problem:

Not too much drinking, not enough places to find clean water.

Still life manages to cling in some of the most unexpected places:

[wink] . . . . Surely a quintessential California dandelion if there ever was one.  Either is it a victim of the California school system and cannot read, or it is among those radical politico types defying authority! . . .   [biggrin]

There is just one problem when I try to create one of these photo essays.  Invariably, da' trusty wagon always manages to "get in da' act!!"

Welcome to Summer 2018!  [sun2]

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]

Nice work. And a good laugh thrown in.

Dear Blick and WeatherCat observers of the seasons turning,

I have one more sign of summer:

I don't know if these yellow plums are native, but I do know they grow very well in the wild.  I had to remove not 1, but 4! of these trees that were trying to get a start on the western edge of our property!  At least the food supply for the wild critters is starting to improve.

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]

Are they edible?

I can tell that summer has arrived here on the mountain because I can almost keep my windows open at night without having to wear a parka around the house in the evening.

Great pictures Edouard  [tup]


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