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The Grand Poohbah:
WeatherCatRCP version 1.1 is available for Beta testing.

What's new
When awakened, the App will detect if the Gateway has changed and provide an alert.
The alert gives you the option of continuing with the new Gateway or changing the server.
This alert is an option on the Options screen. The default is OFF.

The Gateway changes when your device switches to a different WiFi network,
switches from WiFi to a cellular network, switches from a celluar network to WiFi,
looses the network connection (cellular or WiFi) entirely, or re-connects after loosing a connection.

This option is helpful if your WeatherCat 3 server is on the "Local network" (WiFi),
but not accessible from the Internet. It lets you deal with those instances when you
are away from your local network and inadvertently open WeatherCatRCP, causing
WeatherCatRCP to spend what seems like an eternity searching for the non-existant "Local network".
Instead, you can select "Change Server" in the Gateway Changed Alert and either
switch to an Internet connection or quit the App.

If you get "No network connection" or cannot connect on the "WeatherCat Servers" screen.
Tap the Radio Button next to the Local or Internet URL to try again.

Specific changes
- Added a "Gateway change Alert" switch on the Options screen (default is OFF).
- If the Gateway alert switch is ON, show an alert when the App becomes active and the Gateway has changed.
- Show an error message (instead of error number) when there is no network connection.
- Show the Gateway IP address on the Settings Manage WeatherCat Servers screen.

Notes to Beta Testers
Use TestFlight to install WeatherCatRCP Version 1.1. If you want to revert to the original 1.0 release,
you can delete 1.1 on your device and re-install 1.0 from the Apple App Store.

Please share your insights and experiences on the ways you found the "Gateway Changed" feature useful.

Members of the original v1.0 Beta test group will be automatically invited.

See the iOS Clients topic "About the WeatherCatRCP Beta" for information on joining the Beta test group and using TestFlight.

Dear Grand and WeatherCat iOS leading edge types,

--- Quote from: The Grand Poohbah on June 19, 2018, 07:48:12 PM ---WeatherCatRCP version 1.1 is available for Beta testing.

. . . .

Members of the original v1.0 Beta test group will be automatically invited.
--- End quote ---

I tried to access this from the Test Flight app, but version 1.1 doesn't get displayed.  Does this new version require iOS 11?  I've been dragging my feet to upgrade.

Cheers, Edouard

Hello  Grand,

WCRCP 1.1 does not appear for me in TestFlight, only version 1.0


The Grand Poohbah:

--- Quote ---WCRCP 1.1 does not appear for me in TestFlight, only version 1.0
--- End quote ---

I think this was a glitch in the TestFlight setup. Hopefully, I corrected it and the Beta testers should get their invitations to the v1.1 testing.

I LOVE IT! Thank you! I'll see if I can break it, but I haven't had any luck so far.


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