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Hello all,
just want to tell you that I have brave done the update to 10.13.5 and do have no (NO) problems to report about the latest update of macOS and WeatherCat V301B5. By the way, have I ever told you folks that I am really loving WeatherCat?  ;D ;D ;D

Cheers, [biggrin]

Nicely done, sir. Thanks for the report.

Is there a WeatherCatter out there who has a Fusion Drive that has upgraded to High Sierra? I would just like some assurance that doing so will not impose the new file format on my Fusion Drive before I make the move.

I'd been using the beta for quite some time as my profile indicated and had no problems directly attributable to 10.13.5. As Reinhard indicated, it's solid.

Can't help with your other question, Blick, I have an SSD and back-up to an SSD, both running APFS.

Inspired by Reinhard (it used to be Steve who was the first WeatherCatter in the world to upgrade his hardware with new software, but he is now deep into retirement, camping, road trips across America, having fun, talking to his wife, etc.), I took the plunge about 3 hours ago and upgraded to macOS 10.13.5 from 10.12.6. It went flawlessly, my fusion drive is still happy, and so am I. Apple announced today in the Keynote that APFS will be supported on fusion drives beginning with Mojave, coming this fall.

By the way, WeatherCat 3.01 ran 38 days without interruption until I shut it down for the os upgrade. It has now been purring like a cat for 90 minutes on the new setup.


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