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Regional mesonet-map scripts V4.00 with no map key required.


This is a major rewrite of the mesonet-map* scripts from Version 3 to the Version 4.00 - 23-May-2018 release today:

1) no Google map key is required.  The new script set uses the open-source Leaflet/OpenStreetMaps set of scripts to provide the same functionality and improved display/performance.
2) support is provided for OPTIONAL (Terrain3 and Satellite) maps if you have a Access Token, but it is not required to display using the included 5 different map tile providers.
3) The map markers no longer display 'N/A' legends for 'Offline' stations.
4) A right-click context menu on the map is now available to assist navigation, and provide info to you for custom configuration of map zoom, center and clustering behavior.
5) the Catalan and Finnish (Suomi) language plugins were fixed

See the docs and download from

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Thanks so much for this information and for your support of WeatherCat in your template.


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