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The Grand Poohbah:
WeatherCatRCP 1.0 is available in the Apple App Store (

WeatherCatRCP is the iOS client of WeatherCat 3. You must have WeatherCat 3 installed to use WeatherCatRCP.

WeatherCatRCP gives you 13 ways to view your personal weather station data on your iPhone:

Alerts - a list of weather alerts that you have created and their status.
Basic Graphs - 13 graphs of weather data including temperature, wind speed, and precipitation.
Channels - 70 measurements ranging from external temperature to annual rain to communication status.
Classic - 20 channels of weather data in the "classic" WeatherCat for iPhone format.
CTW - Custom Text Windows that you have created in Weather 3.
Custom Graphs - all the custom graphs that you have created in WeatherCat 3.
Dial-A-Stat - hundreds of weather observations for periods ranging from daily to yearly.
Options - tailor the appearance of graphs and images.
Reports - 4 customizable text reports of your weather data and weather conditions.
Settings - select weather data units and which WeatherCat server to use.
System Data - get the status of your weather station and the WeatherCat host software.
Tags - 107 weather measurements including barometric trend, hours of daylight, and forecast.
WebCam - the latest image from your weather station webcam.

WeatherCatRCP also supports the Apple Watch.

You can view WeatherCatRCP screenshots in the Apple App Store at

Questions? Problems? Post them here at the forum.

4,49 AppStore Austria.  :)

Dear Grand and WeatherCat iOS users,

--- Quote from: The Grand Poohbah on May 02, 2018, 03:22:15 AM ---WeatherCatRCP 1.0 is available in the Apple App Store
--- End quote ---

Bought it!  Installed it!  I was able to immediately use one of my handy-dandy reports.  All working as it did for the Beta!  Thanks Grand!

--- Quote from: The Grand Poohbah on May 02, 2018, 03:22:15 AM ---Questions? Problems? Post them here at the forum.

--- End quote ---

No problem with this App.  Alas, I did purchase it using the old iTunes interface to the App store.  I'm sure going to miss that convenience when finally I'm forced to upgrade. 

Oh well, . . . . . Edouard

Just purchased and installed this app. Excellent upgrade, feature rich, and worth every farthing.

Thank you, Grand.

Purchased, installed & it's just like the final beta... GREAT!


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