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Ability to send a tweet based off of an alert


One thing that would be nice would be to allow an alert to trigger a tweet.  Now that v3 will bring back to life the Tweeter option, being able to automate a tweet when an alarm is met would be a nice addition.  For example, if Rain > 1.00in send tweet "Rainfall has exceeded 1" today".

Sorry, missed this - Yes, I stopped short of this when doing the new Twitter client for WeatherCat 3 (otherwise we would probably have ended up with a two year development instead of an 18 months one :) ) The ability to view the alert status for custom alerts is now present (see Grand's iOS RCP client) but it isn't possible in the protocol to the twitter client yet to trigger a tweet.

But it is on the todo list - so thanks for backing it up  [tup]

This is now planned into the roadmap - thanks  [tup]


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