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I put this in another topic area but wanted to make sure it was seen so here is a repeat.


Old topic but my 2 cents worth.  Acurite software,  pcConnect for the 5-in1 station sucks..really.  In addition to my Davis VantagePro2 station where i use probably the best weather station software, Weathercat, I have the Acurite 5-in-1station. The software, both for the Windoz and Mac versions,  looses connection to the inside display several times a day. This is only one of many frustrations.  Here is another..For some reason this program will not let the display sleep as apparently the programmers don't know the difference between display sleep and computer sleep.
I have no complaints so far, over a year, for the station itself other than it is a pain to replace the batteries in it.
So, would I love to have Weather cat running on a different mac for this Acurite station. 

I'll be honest in that this is probably only the seconds request I've ever had for Acurite support so I wouldn't say it's a priority at the moment - sorry.

Is anyone else interested in Acurite support?



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