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2017 Survey of Opinions on Apple

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The "Report Card" is a summary of respondents to the third yearly survey by six colors. Seventy-five people were asked sent the survey, 50 responded, two of whom requested anonymity. Many wrote additional comments some of which are mentioned in the report.

I share many of the same feelings and have no idea if anyone at Apple will even see the results. How does the survey results mesh with your own opinions?

Certainly glad to see the "C" grade for software. Federighi take notice and be glad the (apparently) easy-going T Cook is CEO.

Dear X-Air, Felix, and WeatherCat Apple observers,

Thanks for sharing this X-Air.  I have a feeling that Apple is still benefiting from something of an iOS "honeymoon," but there is plenty that Apple management should looking into given the feelings of the Apple faithful.

Cheers, Edouard

"Apple's Decision to Delay Some New Features and Focus on Software Quality Extends to Mac"

They haven't really been a "computer" company for a long time...the real money is in a hand or a wrist. It costs too much to displace enough air for a desktop machine! That's why iMacs are very wide and tall but extremely thin. [lol]


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