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Ability to track Snow Depth

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In addition to already being able to track daily snowfall, the ability to also track the daily snow depth would be a great addition.

Yes! I am currently tracking today's snow depth on my banner, but being able to have a record of snow cover by day would be a welcome addition.

Signed!  [snowflake]

I assume, dangerous as that may be, that depth values are done manually. At least I would think any kind of automatic sensor could be expensive. Snow is so much more fragile than other physical matter. It doesn’t take much to disturb it and thereby alter its state/shape and possibly its proximity to the measuring device. I can think of many complex ways to measure but they all have a weakness and probably reliability problems. I would think even picking a location could seriously affect the data. Anyone know how the NWS or other official organizations measure this stuff? I suspect the local NWS office uses a pre-cooled yard stick! Maybe just a foot long ruler!! [lol] We usually fire any weatherman who doesn’t prevent any snow accumulation!! [rolleyes2]

Here you go, X-Air:


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