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Harvey (and it ain't no rabbit)

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Looks like Harvey is making a beeline for me.  Got a high pressure system in Nevada and a low pressure system in Florida.  Hopefully that combo will deflect Harvey to a more northerly landfall.

Saw that in the paper this morning (still catching up on the news after the travels due to the eclipse!). I opened this forum today intending to find the Weather Cater in "Aransas, TX"! I guess you're ahead of me in the "news" department! cmu:-) [goofy] Hope you've got time to get the furniture up on boxes! :o Hope the area can cope with the rain which will probably be worse than the wind.

Just be safe! And maybe bring in the Wx station?!

Nope.  Gonna let the station ride it out. I have another.  (it's a $40 WS-2316)  We live in a wooded section an we are on the crest of the peninsula, so all should be good.  Thanks

Sounds like the latest forecasts are adding much stronger winds to the mix while saying the storm may stall it's northern movement and just 'inspect' the whole coast! Time to hire some new weathermen!!

The weather, including hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes and HUMIDITY drove us out of Texas after 30 wonderful years in the Lone Star State. Best of luck to all y'all in the path of Harvey (dumb name for a hurricane).


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