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Is it anticipated an integration with the weatherflow station in the near future

est il prevue une integration avec la station  weatherflow  dans un futur proche

merci de votre reponse


--- Quote ---...integration with the weatherflow station in the near future...
--- End quote ---
Not qualified to speak for the Dev, but I would doubt any "near" support. I'm betting it will be after Weather Flow get a working site running. It's a great idea and a nice foundation for the web site. Right now, the most developed/completed part of their web site is the "hiring" section. It appears that the company is taking this part of their business as a way to get into the 'consumer' area. As they mention in the "About us" page, they "work out of offices in six states". Certainly many weather hardware companies may have facilities in only one state, but they already have sales world-wide. "Weather Flow" seems to be mainly a data gathering and distribution services company. That is probably not a fast growing "market area", so selling directly to several millions of people looks like a plan.

The site has lots of 'place-holder text' ( [IFTTT section], [Amazon Alexa section], [SmartThings section], [Apple Homekit section], [NEST section], etc.). And at least one 404 error link. [rolleyes2]

Perhaps they have products for sale available in Europe? I didn't find any sources for actual hardware on their site. It appears it's all "coming soon"! ;) In software, that's called 'vaporware'. They do have a series of wind measuring instruments, perhaps their site is just a test to see how accurately they can measure "hot air"? [lol]

This American company has already exited small station for hand-held device
Their big project soon arrives with a weather station "type connect" far cousin of netatmo, weather display is already ready, as well as some various application

link web site

link api


--- Quote ---This American company has already exited small station for hand-held device
--- End quote ---
I assume you are talking about the 5 wind meters? These are used to provide wind speed and directions for various activities such as surfing, hunting, sailing, etc. Not exactly useful for measuring any other weather phenomena. Nor do I think they actually invented these wind meters, they have been around for decades.

--- Quote ---weather display is already ready
--- End quote ---
That is a program that supposedly takes weather data from hardware and displays it. It's just code. Where is the hardware? I see nothing on their web site except pictures of that supposed hardware. Nothing that could not easily be created with the average pixel editor. Please provide a link to a review or even a site that actually sells this hardware. I'll even settle for a site that mentions "Weather Flow" other than their own site.

The link is just for the software (an API) that is supposed to be able to access the data from "Weather Flow" hardware, when and if the hardware is ever created. That hardware is promised to provide certain items of data. They are listed on that page. That's the same data that WC would use if it was available. Note that it is supported by meteobridge and "Weatherflow". Davis hardware is "coming soon".

The github link is simply a place that developers help each other, if they want, with programs they are creating, editing, correcting, sharing, etc. It has nothing to do with the hardware.

The WeatherFlow site claims that their hardware will have a range of "1000++ ft". That range is possible with a directional antenna, but there is no mention of that even in the "Siting" section. Here's a good explanation of normal/typical WiFi signal range and why it is usually so short.

The indiegogo link is to a page offering people the "opportunity" to purchase hardware that may not even exist. As it says, "Estimated September 2017". There are several sites like indiegogo, read their "How it works" page. It is a "crowd funding site". It is a way to get monies from people willing to lose their cash for the chance of having a new product before any one else on their block. These sites are often heavy on promise and very lite on providing the product. These sites are mainly used for future, promised products that major financial funding sources won't support for one reason or another. Please do not send them money based on nothing more than a web site unless you can afford to lose that money. It is much more risky than any stock market.

The answer to your original question is probably: "When the Dev has the time and here are signs that a large enough number of Mac users using the hardware." I doubt that anyone, including the developer of WeatherCat knows when that might be. I do wish the Weather Flow folks good luck, it sounds like a great product for many.

Please remember, these are my biased (by age) opinions and are worth exactly what you paid for them! cmu:-)

thank you anyway for your non-answers
(Netatmo, bloomsky) also use this kind of participatory site, it is enough to inform about a company to know what it is capable

The French software developer has to work with them and the weatherflow company and to work to the development of a software / wordpress it believes and knows the project


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