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Trixology Forum Changed?

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Hi Stu
 On the forum before the upgrade to version 1 it showed the last 10 posts and now it doesn't is there a reason why?
or I'm I missing something where?


Hi Randall and WeatherCat forum denizens,

I also noted that the listing of the last 10 postings was gone.  Don't know if the change is intentional or side-effect of something else.

I found it kind of handy for quickly seeing what was going on.  However, I can live without it.  So I'll go with whatever folks prefer.

Cheers, Edouard

Hi Edouard
 I liked it to maybe we can get Stu to bring it back if not like you will just have to live with it
Change is good sometimes but not always painless


Apologies - I inadvertently flipped it off whilst creating the releases forum. Back on now.

Thanks for bring this to my attention  [tup]


Thanks Stu
 For turning it back on

 Everything running great here still get wind sped sensor errors even after running Cat 5 cable



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