Author Topic: Any non-English users of LWC Web Data Uploader?  (Read 1293 times)


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Any non-English users of LWC Web Data Uploader?
« on: April 11, 2012, 09:37:18 PM »
Dear MacWeather folks,

I'm still struggling to try to make my AppleScripts compatible with Apple's scheme to support more than one language.  Reinhard kindly tried to translate my WC Temperature Falling and WC Temperature Rising scripts into German, only to run into a strange problem.  In German, French, and I assume other languages, a comma is used instead of period to indicate a decimal place: so π = 3.1415 becomes 3,1415.  Alas, I was using a formatting program that expected numbers with a period to indicate decimal place - so it instead stopped with an error.

While I was trying to sort through that problem I temporarily changed my Mac's language preferences to French.  During that time I got a very strange error from UK Met Office insisting all my submitted data was invalid.  That got me worried and thus my question.  Is anyone who has their computer using a language other than English using my LWC Web Data Uploader to upload data to any of the 3 services it supports?  I'm worried that if numbers aren't in an English format, the upload services won't be able to make sense of the data.  I'd be interested if anyone has successfully done this.

Thanks for your help in troubleshooting this!   [tup]

Cheers, Edouard   [cheers1]