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The Grand Poohbah:
The iOS App communicates with the WeatherCat host software to display real-time weather data on your iOS device. It can communicate with a host on your local area network or with a remote host over the Internet.

The App uses a single table-based view to display the basic weather data from the host. You can edit which rows you want to see and the order of the rows. The host is polled every 5 seconds. The Local host is the default. Change to the Internet host in the Settings. The default Internet host is a test site set up for WeatherCat testing. You can edit the URL to query a different host. You can also change the units in the settings.

You can find the WeatherCat App at:

Dear Grand Poohbah and WeatherCat fans,  [cat]

Thank you!!

Just downloaded it and installed it on my iPhone 4 and it immediately found WeatherCat on our local area network (iPhone connects via Wi-Fi when in the house.)  Looks great works fine.  Really nifty!!  [bounce]

Thanks again for this nifty "kitten"!!  [cat]

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]


Installed on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1 and works well: it found the server on the LAN immediately and current data also popped up straight away.
I then changed units to Celcius, kph, etc. and started changing the order of the values, while also hiding a few variables I do not need.
While doing this, the App crashed. I restarted and had to redo the ordering bit. All worked fine this time.

I then tried to enter my URL and connect to the host over the internet. What are the requirements for this (on the server side)?

First impression is that this is a very nice App. Straightforward but provides the info I'm looking for (with frequent polling).

Many thanks!


 [cheer]Very nice download on iPhone 4 with 5.1 found weather station instantly can't wait to check out beyond local network . Well done!

Noticed that on scrolling the screen the external humidity bar seems to move to its value. The other bars do not and remain fixed. Humidity moves as soon as it appears from under the grey field with date


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