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Although Steve beat me by several hours (because he had the alarm set on his iPhone), I upgraded both my iPhone and iPad to iOS 9 last night. It was quick and hitchless.

* Played with the Hey Siri option and it worked nicely (whilst I was in the Siri settings I changed her voice to proper British English)
* I can split the screen on my iPad Air and see two apps at once
* I marked up an email attachment
* Turned on Low Power mode on my iPhone
* Verified that the WeatherCat iOS app works fine on iPhone and iPad
* Verified WunderStation app works fine on my iPadStill exploring, but I like it so far.

What model iDevices are you using? I usually wait at least a week for major upgrades to these devices, much longer for OS X upgrades. :D

We have two iPhone 5's, and two iPad 3's (I think), I was given the one without cellular when I bought SWMBO one with it. [blush] Our iPhones are starting to show battery end-of-life behavior, but I sure hate buying another one, but my wife is making noises about that. Oh well, it's only money, and if she doesn't get it now, she will later! [lol]

iPhone 6 and IPad Air. Next week I will tackle my wife's 5c. I see that some older phones had upgrade issues, but I think they were mostly dues to trying to update during the peak time on the first day. You won't have trouble with your 5s. My brother's upgrade on that model was seamless.

It's actually a 5.only, but we each have one, which make's two (assuming my math is corekt). [biggrin] Why does Apple like to use "s"?! Makes it hard for us to have multiple's or duplicate's. I'd like them to use "d" with the iPhone and "ed" on the iPad... or maybe "y"?

Dear Blick, X-Air, and WeatherCat bleeding-edgers . . . 

Glad to hear that everything is work well . . . thus-far!

I'll keep quietly monitoring the situation . . . .

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]

P.S. If it turns out that Apple has quietly implemented a "sock-it-to-ya'" feature . . . .

. . . don't come complaining to me!  ;D


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