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All of a sudden tonight, I cannot connect either locally or through the Internet from the iOS app on either my phone or iPad. I have Enable WeatherCat Server turned on in Preferences and the correct ports are forwarded on the router. It has been working fine and I have not changed anything. Any ideas?

I rebooted my computer and when WeatherCat started, I got an error message. See screenshot.

The latest: I unplugged my router and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then reconnected to the mains. Then I quit WeatherCat and when I restarted it, I got a better result. See attached screenshot.

Yes, when it boots it tries to bind to 49250, if that fails, 49251 and so on up to 49254.

Typically it won't be able to bind if that port is in use (which is why we run through 5 of them)

So is it working now?

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, restarting the router seems to have done it. Don't understand why the ports were mapped fine and then all of a sudden they were not available for binding.


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