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Title: WC 3 - custom gauges not visible in web browser
Post by: Alastair on April 06, 2018, 03:49:56 PM
Hi All,
I'm a relatively new member and have gone straight to WC V3 (albeit I had previously downloaded V2.xx but with no data logger at the time for my Vantage Vue it was never used).Hence I have nothing to compare V3 against.
My issue is with custom gauges. Whereas I can construct and preview custom gauges using the custom gauge tool, I cannot get the gauges to render in my web browser. I have done some digging around and can see the files customgauge1.png and customgauge3.png exist in my local destination folder but with a file size of only 2K. When opening the files using Photoshop the result is a blank image. Other .png images are fine. My conclusion is something isn't happening as it should be when WC creates the output file from within the custom gauge app.
What I cannot see is where the customgauge files are held prior to being moved to the destination folder (I was thinking I could manually move them to the destination folder as a workaround).. Are they only created at run-time? Similarly, are the previews saved and available outside of the app?
Of course, it is perfectly feasible that I'm missing a step somewhere. Is there an explicit SAVE command for the created gauges? Anyone else seeing the same behaviour? As I said, I never used V2 so I have nothing to compare against. Any help appreciated.
Regards ... Alastair

Title: Re: WC 3 - custom gauges not visible in web browser
Post by: xairbusdriver on April 06, 2018, 04:46:27 PM
Welcome to the "advances" of the macOS. [banghead]

This is a known problem and one of the reasons I delayed as long as possible "upgrading" from 10.11.6 on the mini that was used exclusively for WC. Unfortunately, that mini went "blind" and the user interface was no longer accessible. Naturally, it was replaced with a computer that came with 10.13 installed. [rolleyes2]

I suspected I would face this problem and I have. My immediate "fix" was to simply change the nav menu for all pages referring to the page that displayed those fine and very easily modified images from my web site. It's a shame to have all the work done by the Developer to create the very nice UI for building/editing those gauges go for naught. >:(

They reside at ~/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatCustomWeb/ Unfortunately, even if you look at them there, you won't see anything. They are just a small .png file with no visible image. It's probably simply a transparent square (250 pixels wide and tall) that serves as a background for the actual gauge.

They update according to what page you have the WC tags located and how often you have WC updating that page. Therefore, due to the bug that Apple has been told about for longer than 10.13 has been around, there really is nothing you can manually upload, at least efficiently.

There seem to be only a few of us who have to deal with this problem. The vast majority here use the Steel Gauges templates which uses javascript to create the gauges. Be aware that some of your viewers may have disabled javascript for security reasons, so they won't see the gauges, even if you do.

Some links to this discussion:

Wish I could be more helpful. I may investigate the drawing tools now available in CSS3 which can now replace lots of javascript actions. It also now has variables which could be helpful in building images.
Title: Re: WC 3 - custom gauges not visible in web browser
Post by: Alastair on April 06, 2018, 06:19:21 PM
Hi Xair,
Thanks for the very swift reply. I'll review the details and suggested JavaScript based Steel Gauges over the weekend and update this forum with my results.
My one consolation is knowing it is an OS bug and not WC or my configuration settings. Also reassuring to know the user community is actively helping each other, can't ask for better 'service'!
Regards ... Alastair
Title: Re: WC 3 - custom gauges not visible in web browser
Post by: Blicj11 on April 06, 2018, 06:41:39 PM

The bug you are experiencing is an issue with macOS that for some mysterious reason, only impacts some software/hardware combinations. You are only the third or fourth person on this forum to mention it affects you. It has been reported to Apple by WeatherCatís developer but so far, no joy from Apple. Itís a real shame because the custom gauges are so simple to use (and modify) and they look great. If you want to look closer at the SteelSeries Gauges, here is a link to the wiki article ==>