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good ideal, thanks
I had forgot I ever used Flickr. Best I can tell I uploaded exactly one image. I'm still waiting on a message from Flickr that will re-allow me to see what else I may have there. Following the link in their email I reach a point where I get a dialog stating that there has been "some unusual activity" in my account. Since it was part of Yahoo!, I just yawned and thought, "Of course! What else is not new?" [rolleyes2] [lol] As I always asked, "What would you expect from a bunch of yahoos?!" That has to be one of the worst brand names in history... One of the best I've seen was for a brake and muffler shop called "Be Quiet and Stop Quickly". I also like the lawyers who handled things for the "Car Guys": Dewey, Cheatum & Howe. [lol]
You can probably just re-create the main plist (user/Library/Preferences/com.trixology.weathercat.plist). Most of the others are pretrty specific about what they do. But it is certainly worth creating a collection of the main Pref screens for future reference, life is uncertain, be prepared to re-enter pref data! [lol]

Since you seem to be mostly concerned with uploads to WU, you might just look at the "Modified" date/time of the user/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatTemp/WeatherCatLastWundergroundUpload.plist. It's not so much what's in it, but the modified date/time of that file might help indicate when it last uploaded info. That would then provide a time to look near in Console logs for a possible error report.
Thanks very much, i did not realize the complexity, Maybe the restarting will work.
General Discussion / Flickr acquired by . . . . SmugMug !?!?!??!???
« Last post by elagache on Yesterday at 10:04:54 PM »
Dear WeatherCat Shutterbugs,

If you really enjoy sharing photos, some sort of online hosting service is a must.  Longtime WeatherCatter, Steve Morris got me hooked up with SmugMug.  It is an independent, family owned service that has always been fee based and commercial free.  So it came as no small shock when it was announced that SmugMug has acquired the former Yahoo service Flickr.  Flickr started off as quite a success in its own right.  Alas, Yahoo basically neglected it to death after purchasing it.  The woeful tale is part of this USA Today story about the acquisition:

The story also makes clear how different the two services are.  SmugMug was more for professional and serious amateur photographers.  It also has always had a strong infrastructure support for privacy.  It had to because people were paying for that service.  Flickr in contrast has always been mostly supported by advertising.  How this sort of marriage is supposed to work is at best unclear.

There was this message on the SmugMug website:

The video portion of the SmugMug announcement can be found on YouTube:

It suggests that perhaps the motivation was to collect the hardcore Flickr faithful under the SmugMug umbrella.  After all the Yahoo squandering, many of the purely social types have abandoned Flickr.  After all, Facebook has its own rebust photo hosting capabilities.  The lonely souls still using Flickr are doing so because they want something more dedicated to photography.  It is this appeal that you'll find in the SmugMug announcement and video.

I'm all in favor of rescuing some orphaned budding photographers; however, with one extremely important caveat - that SmugMug continue to provide the services I've been paying for all these years and continuing to do that well!

Sign me as "one irked and concerned photographer" . . . . .   :o

General Weather Discussion / California Poppy season! (Re: Spring 2018)
« Last post by elagache on Yesterday at 09:23:26 PM »
Dear WeatherCat observers of the seasons turning,

Our location isn't really suitable for California Poppies.  They need rocky soil where grasses cannot survive but poppies can.  Still, with a little help they will make a brief display in the Spring before the temperatures get too warm.  Here is a group of poppies in a shady spot:

Here is a cute scene next to a fire hydrant:

This house recently remodeled their yard and these rock walls are excellent poppy habitat:

Finally, here is a group of poppies behind a large rock:

The contrasting blue flowers in the background provide spice to the scene.

The California Poppies will continue for a week or two depending on the weather.  However, as soon as the heat really start drying out the soil, they will hide until next Spring.

Enjoy! . . .  :)

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
WeatherCat Feature Requests / Re: weatherflow Smart Weather
« Last post by xairbusdriver on Yesterday at 08:13:14 PM »
(To the less-than-wordly-wise and language-challenged-'Merkins [blush], Google says)
"Good evening & thank you for your answers.
To see the site special api, it seems quite important and well provided; but I am not computer scientist nor developer, the future will tell us.

I often wonder if the USoA would be better thought of had we had more emphasis on "foreign" languages. "Communications" seems even harder now even with the new and faster technologies. [banghead] :-\
Replacing prefs is really about re-naming them. Before you do that, however, it will save lots of time if you make a screen shot of every single preference panel that the app has. [computer] WC has over a dozen separate pages of prefs. And there are dozens of .plist files. The one you don't make a screen shot of is the one you'll forget how to set.  [lol] [rolleyes2] [blush] Secondly, make sure you know/find every .plist the app uses. The basic one(s) should be in your User/Library/Preferences directory. Be aware that WC also has a dozen or so in User/Library/WeatherCatData. Additionally, there may be a coupl in User/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatTemp. They usually have the name of the developer and/or the name of the app in what is basically a reverse url format:, com.trixology.weathercat.plist, etc. but sometimes it is something like WeatherCatDaily.plist,

1. Shut down the app that uses the Pref(.plist). If you don't quit the app, it will probably just re-create the old plist info when you do quit it next.
2. Change the name of the .plist to something really creative... like adding "-OLD" to the end of the name. Probably best to add it at the end of the name and just before the ".plist" part. That will keep it in the same relative position in your files and make it easy to find once you determine if it was the problem.
3. Restart the app and start re-creating the prefs settings... If you have a fast drive, it won't hurt to make a complete restart of the OS, but that's not usually necessary.
4. Recreate all the prefs the way you want or had them.

Be very careful when entering the info. I found a problem recently where I had typed in the url for my camera as when it should have been: See the one letter erer?! I blame it on Microsoft because they never had a really effective way for apps to know which files they should open because they limited suffixes to 3 letters. Apple used four, plus they used Creator and Type values... or at least they did until they caved in to the M$ hoards. [rolleyes2]
WeatherCat Feature Requests / Re: weatherflow Smart Weather
« Last post by fester on Yesterday at 06:37:07 PM »
The full production "Sky" units will be shipping in a few days. The Air units and WIFI Hub shipped last fall to backers. WF is making all efforts so the API should be  readily available. So definitely count me in for also requesting support from Weathercat.
I set the iMac to shut down at 1 am and restart a 1:30 am. We will see if WC keeps sending data to WU PWS more than 3 days. If it continues to fail I think I will replace the WC preferences. Any tips on the best way to replace the preferences? Thanks
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