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Dear Blick and WeatherCat West coast drought watchers,

Hoping for the best. Rain at your house means snow at one the next day.

It does appear that the Monterey office of the National Weather Service is getting a wee bit nervous . . . . . .

Lucky us, every color is a shade of potential trouble!  They have further revised their rainfall estimates upward.  So assuming we don't drown, it certainly should make a dent in the rainfall quota!

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
"...Of course, another suggestion, which is absolutely none of my business, would be to go to bed earlier and then you would not even be aware that this is happening.  :)"

Quite possibly the best reply I have ever read....i am still wiping the spittle off my screen. Many thanks for the laugh.  ThU5:-)

Jenna lol(1)
It lets you capture every 5 seconds but the movie output is 100 seconds of every hour I want it to capture all of it and play it back all of the 5 second images that it captured the length is not a problem even if it is 1 gig long


Now I'm confused, Randall.

WC lets you select your image capture rate from every 5 seconds to every 30 minutes. Then it also lets you decide the time lapse movie length per hour, starting at 5 seconds and up.
In any case, glad you got EvoCam to work.
Observations / Re: Highlights from the 2018-19 Northern CA wet season
« Last post by Blicj11 on Yesterday at 01:59:14 AM »
Hoping for the best. Rain at your house means snow at one the next day.
WeatherCat iOS Clients / Welcome back JC! (Was: Away in Sydney to Singapore)
« Last post by elagache on January 14, 2019, 11:43:11 PM »
I haven't see you posting in a while JC.

Welcome back!  :)

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
 WC doesn't let you set how often it save the image for the movie like every 2 seconds it is 100 seconds of every hour

Glad you were able to get EvoCam working for you! [cheer]

Not sure what you mean by "I like like the way WC does it but it doesn't record anything". I think there is a setting for how long it saves the movies. I have hourly and daily movies for the last seven days plus todays versions. I have mine auto-delete after seven days mainly to recover the disk space.
Update: finally got EvoCam 5 to work as it did with version 3.7.6 but it took some searching the web to figure out how to do
With 3.7.6 you just had to check the box for time-lapse movie but with 5 it takes some doing to get it to work
I like like the way WC does it but it doesn't record anything but it is still really nice for the image it puts on my web page

WeatherCat iOS Clients / Re: Away in Sydney to Singapore
« Last post by Jace on January 14, 2019, 07:39:56 PM »
Grand. I have a old friend that I joined the RN with that now lives in Sydney.

Some of the places he's gone to recently: I cannot vouch for the venues myself.

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