Author Topic: Where is WC2.4.x getting these images?!  (Read 208 times)


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Where is WC2.4.x getting these images?!
« on: April 05, 2018, 07:51:49 PM »
I've got my old setup of WC, from the "blind" mini working as normal as possible. However, I'm having extreme troubles getting WC to "see" the new camera.

Using the same URL as the old install, WC shows me an image that hasn't been in existence for several weeks! The date/time overlay and even a new header text work fine, but I have no idea where the image is coming from. Certainly not the new camera, since it shows correctly when the url is entered into a browser. Obviously, they are coming from the ~/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatMedia/Pictures/ but that location in those images no longer exists, they simply are NOT what the camera or anyone else could possibly see!

Trouble-shooting processes:
1. I have zipped and moved all Picture images from that folder. Nothing changed as WC kept on grabbing non-existant images from the ether.
2. Quit WC, renamed both the "Movies" and "Pictures" folders by adding "old-" to their names. Upon restart, WC created a new "Pictures" folder even before the start-up screen disappeared. It then created a new "Movies" folder just after creating the first webcam image (currently set for 1 a minute while testing).
There are now multiple images, all of which show a scene that no longer exists.
3. Disconnected the old mini from the LAN to be sure the new one was not looking at the other running WX application.

4. Found the problem, and it is NOT WC! While re-entering the WC Prefs after deleting the previous plist, I found the url for the camera was entered incorektlie buy sum won! Probably our cat... The url should be ...10.0.10/live/0/jpeg.jpg, not ...jpeg.jpeg