Author Topic: Integrating Foscam Webcams into WeatherCat for Weather Underground Uploads  (Read 319 times)


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Several years ago, Foscam stopped providing the ability to copy a frame capture from their newer webcams and have it overwrite a previously captured frame using one filename.  Now when a frame is captured, the filename contains a time stamp resulting in many images each day depending on how often you choose to capture a frame.  This can be a problem when using WeatherCat to upload an image to Weather Underground. To get around this limitation, follow these directions to have WeatherCat frame capture and FTP directly to Weather Underground:

1) Under WeatherCat Preferences, select "Webcam"
2) Check on "Web-cam enabled"
3) Check on Image from URL: and enter the following,
     ipaddress is the static IP Address of your Foscam and port is the port number you assigned to it
     xxx is the username you assigned to the Foscam (default is "admin")
     yyy is the password you assigned to the Foscam
for example (not a functional link),


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Thanks for sharing! (Re: Integrating Foscam Webcams into WeatherCat)
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Dear ColdnFrosty and WeatherCat sys-admin types,

In case you have struggled to figure out how to have WeatherCat upload Foscam webcam images to Weather Underground, here's how:

. . . . . . .

Thanks for sharing those details!  ThU32:-)  It is "nothing more" than making good use of all the functionality of URL syntax.   ;) . . . . Of course what looks like an absolutely splendid technique to send data to a hard-core geek, might not be quite so transparent to the rest of us!  :D

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]


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Thanks for taking the time to share this tip with us.