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Here in the mountains of Northern Utah:

July was...
     Warmer than average (65.6°F versus an average of 62.9)
     Dryer than average (1.23 in versus an average total of 1.55)
     Windier than average (a wind run of 3195 miles versus an average of 3010)
Thanks for posting. The drought conditions are making us all nervous in the west.
Dear WeatherCat climate watchers,

August 1st has arrived and here is the 1 month and 3 month forecasts from the National Weather Service - Climate Predication Center for the start of Summer.  Here is the one month forecasts of departures from normal temperatures for August:

Oddly, this suggests that the high pressure that normally is at the 4-corners region would move into Southern California.  That would definitely bad news since July has already seen some of this.

Here is the equivalent 3 months predictions of temperatures departures from normal for August through October:

This suggests the same high pressure would move north and back east a bit.  That is unusual for that high pressure. 

Here are the precipitation predictions of departures from normal for August:

Like last month, it suggests a more active hurricane season both in the Eastern Pacific and the Atlantic.  However, last month's forecast didn't really pan out.

Here is the equivalent graph for August to October:

This graph suggests the overall trend of more active hurricane activity would last through the Summer.  However, there would be below normal rains in the Pacific Northwest.  Once more the question remains whether or not it will indeed occur.

Here are drought forecasts.  Here is the drought outlook for August:

This predication continues to trends of the past 2 months.

Here is the equivalent 3 month outlook:

The season outlook suggests that the 4-corners would benefit from the monsoonal rains.  On the other hand drought would persist in many areas including Southeastern Oregon.  It expands the droughts into Texas and essentially all of Washington state as well.  Certainly that is something that does not exactly fit the "Evergreen state."

As usual, Like it or not, such are the forecasts we are facing . . . . 

Dear WeatherCat really localized climate watchers,

Another month has ended so it is time to get WeatherCat's opinion on how it compared to "normal" at your weather station.  Here is what WeatherCat reported to WeatherCatRCP at the end of the day for Canebas weather station:

So indeed Northern California has experienced a shift from below normal temperatures to above normal - although this cannot be outside of one standard deviation, so more likely it should count as normal.

On the other hand, there are numerous other indicators that the days in July were warmer than normal.  I don't think we have ever run the air conditioner as much in a month as this July.  The plants, wildlife and me are all suffering!  [sweat2]  So far we have not had any wildfires that were very close, but California hasn't been very lucky with that either.  So things have changed and most definitely not for the better.

Oh well, . . . . . Edouard
Dear Cabut, Blick, and WeatherCat users in search of ever greater accuracy,

So, I have a Monitor 2 solar powered wireless station with rain collector and the basic sensors. What newer Davis model can you recommend that has similar features and can run on a Mac with Sierra?

It may be more precision than you feel desirable, but Davis makes a version of the Vantage Pro-2 with a fan aspirated temperature probe.  I've heard some complaints about reliability.  Other WeatherCatters might be able to comment on that.  My station is powered by AC rather than solar power, so I was able to add a PC case fan to blow air over my temperature probe.  How I did this is described on this thread:

Since making this modification, I can see that my temperature probe is truly much more sensitive.  So since you are contemplating an upgrade, I thought I would toss the idea out for your consideration.  You might not want to actually spend the money, but thinking about it is always free! . . .  ;D

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
Weather Hardware/Measurement / Re: Monitor 2 rain collector overly high rain totals
« Last post by Blicj11 on August 01, 2018, 07:36:38 PM »
Here is the page that compares the current models.

Your closest match is Wireless Vantage Pro2™ with Standard Radiation Shield, Product number: 6152. I assume this comes with a monitor, although Davis does not explicitly state that, so you will want to clarify that with the vendor before you actually order.

You will also likely need a new data logger, either the WeatherLinkIP™ or the MacWeatherLink® OS X USB, depending on whether you are hooking the console directly to your Mac or into an ethernet port in your router, or an Apple Express.
Weather Hardware/Measurement / Re: Monitor 2 rain collector overly high rain totals
« Last post by cabut on August 01, 2018, 05:49:25 PM »
Thank you both! The prices on those sites are very good.

So, I have a Monitor 2 solar powered wireless station with rain collector and the basic sensors. What newer Davis model can you recommend that has similar features and can run on a Mac with Sierra?

Thanks again,
WeatherCat Feature Requests / Upload an Additional File at a Programmable Time
« Last post by xairbusdriver on August 01, 2018, 02:32:51 PM »
Since WC is now 99.998% perfect, I assume The Dev has lots of free time! cmu:-) So, to cover that 0.002%, I'm suggesting an "improvement" in how Additional Files could be handled/uploaded.

As best as I can determine, the upload 'timer' for Additional Files starts as close as possible to the time the user clicks the "OK" button when setting up the path and period values. This is purely my assumption.
Question: Is that an accurate assumption?

I have one file/page (Statistics) that would be best if updated at the end of each day (or a few minutes later). However, at the present, I think the maximum 'period' is 999 minutes, well short of the 1440 minutes in a day. I have been using a timer set to 720.0 (every 12 hours). Unfortunately, if my assumption about when the 'timer' starts is correct, I should edit/start that timer a few minutes after Noon (local) in order for the data to be accurate when I arise the next day.

Question: Is a 'timer' automatically re-started with a RE-start of WC?
Our area, especially during the warm months of the year, can easily have a thunderstorm almost weekly. Quite often, the lightening can cause power loss for milliseconds to several hours, usually resulting in the WC computer to shutdown. While WC (and the computer) will restart automatically, I would like to know if the 'timers' also are reset and start their count-down again? That should not be a significant problem for timers running several times an hour, of course. However, for one that runs only twice a day, it could end up being several hours late, especially after several hours long power outages.

The obvious solution to my problem is to simply set the 'timer' for this virtually static page to 60 minutes. [banghead] [blush] That way, even if I am forced to get up at Oh Dark Thirty, the Statistics will correctly show yesterday data correctly. I am hoping the capability to set an actual time might be of help to others, also.

For the time being, I have changed the period for this file/page to 360.0 minutes, thus it should include accurate data for the previous page at my normal wake-up time. [bed] [rolleyes2]

Weather Hardware/Measurement / Re: Monitor 2 rain collector overly high rain totals
« Last post by Blicj11 on August 01, 2018, 03:30:23 AM »
For whatever this is worth, and it ain't much, I agree with Edouard. I have purchased hardware from two of the vendors he listed and have been totally happy with both of them. And I have never had any issue with Davis honoring a warranty issue from something I purchased from either of these vendors. And they are significantly less expensive than buying direct from Davis.
Dear cabut and WeatherCat users who never pay retail!

LOL! I’ve been thinking about it, but a new Davis solar powered wireless set-up is about $1200.

Of course Davis would love for you to pay that much, but you don't hav'ta'!

There are a number of outfits that heavily discount Davis equipment.  These include (but are by no means limited to) :

I list these 3 because I am aware of "WeatherCatters" having gotten good service from each company.  I think you'll find that you can upgrade your weather station for a lot less than you imagined.  That might sufficient incentive to make you reconsider spending more money on your very weary Davis Monitor station.

Sometimes all it takes is the right kind of plug!! . . . . .

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
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