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Strange one... should work (as you say). Have you tried the typical steps to try and breathe some life into it again?

- stop and restart the process
- reboot and restart WC
- change the settings (e.g. set the update rate to 5 mins) and deselect the 'Log Sent Data' option

FWIW: this is what my settings look like.

WeatherCat General Discussion / Re: WeatherCat Client for High Serria
« Last post by JosBaz on October 20, 2018, 08:19:39 AM »
That is interesting. Not much help probably, but FYI: I was running the WC Client 2.0.0 on High Sierra without problems, and it continues to work fine since I upgraded to Mojave: no complaints from macOS...

My weather station has stopped uploading data to weather underground on October 16, 2018 @ 4:58 EDST. WeatherCat is not attempting to send any reports to WU although it indicates "current status  = Running. This setup has been uploading to WU for many years without an difficulty. I am using a DavisPro weather station, iMac, and weather cat software, all with latest updates. It is uploading data to CWOP without interruption.

A few minutes ago I switched to WeatherSnoop, latest updated software and it is uploading data to both WU and CWOP. I prefer using WeatherCat software. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong? Thanks
WeatherCat General Discussion / WeatherCat Client for High Serria
« Last post by Randall75 on October 20, 2018, 02:05:41 AM »
Is there a new WeatherCat Client that is optimized for High Sierra it tells me that WC Client 2.0 needs to be updated.
Dear dfw, Blick, Grand, and WeatherCat fans of nifty weather-related hardware,

The Meteobridge Nano is now out!

. . . .

I'm going to get one, if for nothing else, as to have a backup to my current Meteobridge and Davis data logger.
. . . .

Very interesting!  Thanks for sharing!  As already stated, it is a extremely impressive device.  Please do let us know what you uncover when you get one in your hot little hands.

This is the second device that has recently come on the market to replace the Davis data logger.  I wonder what has happened to cause all these devices to show up all of a sudden.  I can't dredge up any history on the Davis Vantage Pro line.  Could a patent have expired that now allows other manufacturers to create clones of the Davis data logger?

Can anybody dig up some info on this curious matter?

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
General Weather Discussion / Thanks Bill!! (Re: Welcome to Autumn 2018)
« Last post by elagache on October 19, 2018, 10:56:05 PM »
Dear Bill, X-Air, Blick, and WeatherCat fans of beautiful pictures,

Just back from driving the Cabot Trail - in northern NS. Great colour, crappy weather - rain, wind and even a snowfall!

Sorry for the difficult conditions, but thanks for sharing the beautiful photo!

Fun challenge for photography!

I'm glad you turned the difficulties into a chance for you to flex your photographic "muscles" so to speak!

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
Dear Blick and WeatherCat concerned citizens of planet Earth,

Thanks for sharing. Our governor (Utah) has just declared a sate-wide emergency for drought, which kicks in some conservation measures and ramps up awareness.

My sympathies.  Not exactly a surprise, but indeed nothing hopeful in the weather pipeline.

Like most states in the west, the largest water user is the agricultural sector, but when you are in a drought, every drop matters. So we are doing our part here too.

I understand, but it does concern me that politicians treat situations like drought with the same sort of public appeals that occurred during World War II.  The two situation simply aren't comparable and as citizens we should be concerned about it.  The hope was that World War II would be won and then we would be free to "go back to normal."  The problem of drought isn't ever really going to go away and human populations are growing everywhere.  It simply isn't fair to ask long time residents to reduce their standards of living so that new people can take what once was their ration of water.  Moreover the "battle" between agriculture and residents is a fool's errand that too many people are tricked into.  Agriculture isn't simply a business - it grows the food everybody needs.  When agriculture is forced to cut back that means less food for everyone and those worst affected are the most vulnerable - the poor.

I'll be the first to admit I don't know what the answers are, but belt tightening most definitely isn't an answer.  Government leaders are supposed to be just that - leaders in solving problems like how to provide for sufficient water for all the needs.   Alas at a time when leadership is desperately needed - it is an extremely rare thing indeed.

Oh well, . . . . . Edouard
dfw- The Meteobridge Nano is a very impressive device. I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences with it. -- grand
Weather Hardware/Measurement / Re: New Meteobridge Nano - No Davi$ Logger Needed
« Last post by Blicj11 on October 19, 2018, 06:08:31 PM »
Wow. Pretty dang impressive. Thanks for sharing.
Weather Hardware/Measurement / New Meteobridge Nano - No Davi$ Logger Needed
« Last post by dfw_pilot on October 19, 2018, 04:42:18 PM »
Some of you know how much I love my Meteobridge. It connects directly to the Davis data logger and:
Now for the good news, haha.

The Meteobridge Nano is now out!

It does all the regular Meteobridge does, PLUS it acts like a data logger, so no more need for the 1970's style high-priced Davis logger. It is so small, it fits inside the Davis console. A great overview writeup can be read here.

Basically, you get a Meteobridge and a logger for ~ $225.

I'm going to get one, if for nothing else, as to have a backup to my current Meteobridge and Davis data logger.



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