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General Weather Discussion / Re: First Atlantic named storm of the season.
« Last post by Blicj11 on June 13, 2018, 03:45:33 AM »
Thanks for taking time out from worrying about the Buick to post this.
General Weather Discussion / Bud is no buddy of mine! (Re: Storm of the season.)
« Last post by elagache on June 12, 2018, 11:49:45 PM »
Dear WeatherCat observers of extreme weather (preferably from a safe distance!)

The Atlantic is calm for the moment, but Eastern Pacific has suddenly become active.   Hurricane Bud was a category 4 storm for while.  That's a very energetic storm for the Eastern Pacific and especially so early in the season.  Here is the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Outlook:

The summary can be found on this slide:

If this year lives up to billing, it could be an "interesting" year for cyclonic storms. 

WeatherCat iOS Clients / Re: iOS Client unable to connect after weak WiFi
« Last post by David on June 12, 2018, 08:29:07 PM »
Why select a server without initiating a connection? I don't understand. Please give me more detail about what you would like to do.

Right now, when the user is on a network that does not have a WC RCP server:
  • Start the App
  • App immediately attempts to connect to the last server.
  • The App is locked up "in the bowels of iOS" for about 2-3 minutes (in my experience), before it times out. (In order for this to work, the app must be left open, in the foreground, and the phone must be prevented from locking.)
  • After the connection attempt has timed out, the App asks the user to try to connect again or to connect to a different server.
  • User selects correct server
  • App connects to the server

The above takes 2-3 minutes and requires the user to keep WC RCP for iOS in the foreground while ensuring the phone doesn't lock until the connection attempt times out.

What I'm proposing:
  • Start the App
  • App asks which server to connect to
  • User selects the appropriate I.P. address/network/ddns
  • App connects to server

The above would take 1-2 seconds.

Having the app ask which server to connect to on startup (prior to attempting to connect to a server from a network the user is no longer on), could be a preference that the user could turn on or off. If a user only uses the app on one network they would likely turn this feature off. Users, such as myself, who use their app on multiple networks (local, Internet) would not have to leave the app open for 2-3 minutes every time they switch networks before being able to tell the app which I.P. address (local, Internet) to connect to.

If this explanation doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll create a video demonstrating the issue.
Is is possible to give users the option to select our server before the connection attempt initiates? This really cripples the use of the app whenever I switch networks. ~ Hopeful

Why select a server without initiating a connection? I don't understand. Please give me more detail about what you would like to do.
Dear X-Air, Blick, and WeatherCat road-trip enthusiasts, . . .

I'll need to have a custom gas tank made
What do you think all that space behind the back seat is for?!
. . . .

Uh, the reason that isn't going to work is because that space is already spoken for . . .   I need room for the telescope, scuba gear, and stuff like that.  Just like the good 'ol days! . . .

Unfortunately in those days I was also using the cargo area as a bedroom!

Here is one more:

As you can see, I already have "plans" for the cargo area! . . .  [biggrin]

Cheers, Edouard  [cheers1]
General Discussion / Re: Thanks guys! (Re: Bllly-goat station wagon!!)
« Last post by Blicj11 on June 11, 2018, 03:58:51 PM »
So somewhere along the quest for a vintage travel trailer, I'll need to have a custom gas tank made with considerably greater capacity than the 20 gallons she has now!

I am currently reading General Jimmy Doolittle's autobiography (I Could Never Be So Lucky Again) and am astounded at all the last minute modifications, repairs, and tweaks they did to those B-25 bombers right up until the time they launched them off the carrier deck to go say hello to Tokyo, including auxiliary fuel tanks that leaked on both ends (apparently because X-Air may have been in charge).

JosBaz still has a point, regardless of the petrol prices in the States. When I lived in Northern Ireland a few years ago, I was paying $9 or $10 per gallon for diesel.
WeatherCat General Discussion / Re: Coping with Weather Underground "issuez"
« Last post by Blicj11 on June 11, 2018, 03:42:44 PM »
My rapid fire updates have never missed a beat for quite a while. But I agree with what you said jennajon. Eventually, WU will deteriorate into nothing useful. Which is a shame as they have the largest network of backyard weather stations. They have recently replaced the old WU Storm app with Storm Radar and while it is more beautiful than the old app by 100% it is also now less helpful and detailed by the same percentage.
Weatherdisplay has a routine for gathering the data,  you might see how Brian did his.
I am running Purple Air as well.
I'll need to have a custom gas tank made
What do you think all that space behind the back seat is for?! You can probably just use one of those circular hole cutting saws you put on your electric drill! Just put a " PVC pipe between the bottom on the interior tank into the top of Biqette's 20 gal tank. Be sure to use plenty of silicone at both ends... you're welcome!
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