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I have a friend in Wisconsin that sells a cap for the Davis cone. it fits even the Aerocone (you have to take off the bird spikes).   I have one

This is  better than anything I have seen .  It goes on and off easily, yet won't blow off in the strong Iowa winter winds.    It is available from Chann Barnhart (

it fits snugly, is flexible in hot and cold temperatures and you don't have to eat a lot of candy or ice cream (and you might say'where is the fun in that?')

you do have a nice concept, but I think Chann's is better.
At first I thought you were talking about Union City, TN, which is less than 100 miles north. However, I was planning on waiting until the flood warnings ended. Then I discovered that the town is actually in CA! Probably too far for a two-way day trip. I'm not sure we ever have longer than two weeks between rains, anyway. OTOH, if I had one of these caps, I'd probably get more exercise! ;) Of course, I'd need it after having to eat that much licorice (except that I very much dislike the taste of it, so it would be a real battle to eat it...). I think I'll just stick to weekly inspections of the funnel... while wearing a dust mask! [lol]
Observations / April's report (Re: Northern California 2016-17 rainy season.)
« Last post by elagache on Yesterday at 11:09:38 PM »
Dear WeatherCat climate watchers,

April is almost over so I can provide the tally of rain for this month.  It was another month of abundant rainfall, falling just a hair short of double what is normal for April.  Here is the graph:

As a result, we are at 42.99" of rain when normal is just 25.4"!!  That turns out to be 175% of normal.  It is looking like May will at least start out warm and dry, but at this point the wet season is essentially over.  The time has come to start using that water so the plants can survive the heat.

Cheers, Edouard
General Weather Discussion / FYI project (Re: Scenes of Spring 2017)
« Last post by elagache on Yesterday at 11:04:14 PM »
Dear X-Air, Steve, and WeatherCat instrument customizing types,

Are there any details in the forum about this "dust cap" you mentioned? Search didn't turn up any info. I found my funnel almost completely blocked by pollen!!! [banghead]

My old write-up on how I did this appears to have been lost.  So I recreated it:

Cheers, Edouard
Dear WeatherCat do it yourself types,

Many moons ago, I wrote up how I created a dust cap from a leftover container that held Red Vines licorice.  Alas, it seems to have been lost.  It might have even predated WeatherCat, so I better recreate it.  The container I used is a tub of Red Vines that looks this:

I found that I could use the end of the tub and it fit very snugly over the Davis station collector cone.  It turns out you can have the cap no taller than 2-3/8" to provide enough clearance for the solar radiation sensor support:

This is the second such cap I have made.  The first one was badly damaged and discolored by the sun:

It eventually became so brittle that it shattered.  To avoid this I painted the second one:

To provide it lots of UV protection, I applied 12 coats of paint!  It has performed well for several years.  All it needs is a little cleaning when it comes back inside from the long dry season.

Of course a cap like this will prevent you from collecting rainfall data should rain fall unexpectedly.  Even in California, there are unexpected rainy events in the summer.  Still, I carefully monitor the weather forecasts, and when there is any change of rain, I remove the cap.  Thanks to my vigilance, I've never missed a bucket tip.  If you have a mission critical station, a cap like this would not be permitted.  But for the hobbyist it is a welcome way to keep your rain gauge clean, especially if you have extended periods of predictably dry weather.

Cheers, Edouard

 P.S. Red Vines is a product that most likely can only be found in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is produced by the American Licorice Company only in their Union City plant.  However, it is possible that the same sort of container is used for other products in other parts of the country.
uhmmn... Guess I misunderstood. The "dust cap" Steve linked to would certainly keep "dust" out! And birds, leaves, snow, sleet, hail and rain! [lol] I was thinking of some more along the lines of a microphone 'breath' guard; basically a piece of nylon hosiery stretched over a loop of wire/plastic. The fine weave actually stops the plosives from consonants like "p", "b", etc. from getting into a sound/recording system.
Of course, anything over the intake may deflect/splash some rain and reduce accuracy. [WCSmall] I guess weekly inspections/cleanings are the solution. "This year seems to have an excessive amount of dust/pollen", he said after sneezing... again! cmu:-)
 This 7" cap fits the old style cone. I don't know what you have, though. I use it when watering the garden.
Are there any details in the forum about this "dust cap" you mentioned? Search didn't turn up any info. I found my funnel almost completely blocked by pollen!!! [banghead]
General Computing/Macintosh / Re: Last chance to contact your Congressman
« Last post by xairbusdriver on April 28, 2017, 11:34:56 PM »
Actually, the forum code creates the standard HTML format for a link. It simply does it after one Posts the message. Before you 'Post' the Preview makes it appear to be OK. It's just the way the devs decided to do it. No use my complaining (although I like to stay in practice, someday it may actually be heard!). Like much else in this World, it's not something I can control! [lol] I'll simply try to verify any link immediately after posting and corekt iny mysteakz. I can always add the styling later. [rolleyes2]

Your comment about personal data sometimes included in the url is also important. Especially when filling out a form where you enter that kind of info. Unfortunately, in that case, it may be too late to avoid sending stuff 'in-the-clear'. Best we can probably do is use a 'safe' site, as in HTTPS...
Dear WeatherCat lovers of Spring,

It has been a drought-breaking wet season here in California, but alas the normal pattern of wet and dry seasons remains.  Very dramatically the temperatures are going up and the ground is drying rapidly.  We usually get a little rain in May, but whatever we do get won't be able to wet the ground sufficiently.  From now on, the ground will continue to dry until the first serious rains of next autumn.

As the ground dries, the plants will soon start running out of moisture.  One of the first that will run out are the California Poppies.  Even with their deep roots, they don't last very long in the heat.  So displays like this will soon be gone:

Other flowering plants will also stop blooming in short order like this Wisteria:

With the warming temperatures and off-shore winds, Spring will soon vanish from California leaving the arid Summer conditions.

I put my dust cap back on the top the rain gauge collector cone.  No reason to allow the rain gauge to get dusty and nothing else.  While at least we have sufficient water to water, that means I have to start watering.  Since I never have enough time, this is another chore that don't look forward to.

Oh well, . . . . Edouard
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